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  • What a waste of council tax money!
  • Yesterday a street sweeper came round our road. We live in a cul de sac on a medium sized, relatively young housing estate, and I'd expect that the authority wouldn't see us as a priority for a street sweeper anyway. Sat here this morning, another one (maybe the same one!!??!!) has just been around again.

    So are the LA just taking the piss, or should I be thankful that I don't need to set the table at dinner time, and can go and eat it off the tarmac in the road?

    is a neighbour's teenage daughter leaving her curtains open whilst getting dressed?

    All the local kids are in school so teenage daughter scenario, no, not likely.

    Troll, no, honest truth.

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    Its nearly April, they are pointlessly using up (ie wasting) the rest of the budget so they dont loose funding for next year
    Local Councils are great like that!

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    so you are really complaining that the local council is cleaning up litter?!

    Kimbers, no, but once would be enough, two days running seems a bit pointless!

    Iain may have the point there, forgot that the change in financial year is close!


    so you are really complaining that the local council is cleaning up litter?!

    problem is the sweepers don't really clear up litter except what is in the middle of pavement or in gutter or against a wall

    watched one yesterday as i waited at a road junction and it swept a bus pull in and then went off – the verges/ bushes and grassed areas where full of litter

    though it is an almost pointless task as i rode a bit of road this morning it is fairly obvious that the vast majority consider it acceptable and the norm just to throw any empty stuff out – can't clutter up a car with rubbish – i presume that only a small minority of those that do it would do the same into their front garden though

    round our way we never used to get much litter sorted until we started a "village in bloom" (suburb?) and in exchange for voluntary labours we get a lot of extra council sweeping / litter picking

    I know very few people will be interested, but there has been nother streetsweeper van round the road today, so that makes 3 times in one week. Truly, truly pointless. Our local council tax has risen by 5% for 2010/11, so if they have such a large excess now that they need to spend, why raise it by so much. W@nkers.

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    I care missingfrontallobe, I care.

    Had my bin emptied yesterday. I contained all the stuff that they wouldn't take last week plus this week's rubbish. W@nkers.

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