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  • What a lovely warm winter…
  • Premier Icon mactheknife

    Unlucky big fella 🙂 it is dry as a bone round my neck of the woods. Na not really but they are drying out very quickly and as you say its warm so i really don’t care.

    Humidity yesterday up at Laggan was mental, heavy showers followed by high temperatures. It reminded me of being back in Belize. The only answer was to drink lots of beer to rehydrate 🙂

    Premier Icon zippykona

    It’s been renamed Junuary.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Hmm.. spent yesterday at a mass barbeque with half the village and their kids. Basking in hot summer sun, playing with footballs, frisbees, and bikes. It was glorious.

    Premier Icon chipps

    Heavy cloud and threatening rain all the time here. It’s the kind of weather where no clothing combination works well – wear a jacket and you’ll boil. Wear just a jersey and you’ll drown in all the spray off wheels and drips from the undergrowth.

    Never mind, the evenings start drawing in in a week… 😮

    Premier Icon soulwood

    So I took my Soul out today for a blast in the woods as my Solaris was suffering with fork trouble. Turns out it was the best selection as the woods were knee deep in glop. Slippery, slidey, hub deep puddles and sections that reminded me of porridge, albeit brown. All that was missing was single digit temperatures and powerful battery lights on the bars and helmet. It was just like winter. Only warm. Deep joy. Ah well soon be winter again, maybe it will dry up then?


    Weather of two halfs yesterday. Warrington glorius sunshine temperature 24 celcius hit the M6/M65 junction heading towards Darwen 21 Celsius with heavy rain and dark clouds.

    Although 0100 this morning in Darwen it was quite warm at 16 celcius.

    Today it’s chilly and raining.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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