What a life is worth…..

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  • What a life is worth…..
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    There are no winners:

    He said: “You have accepted full responsibility for this accident and you have displayed remorse. Many people convicted of crimes claim to be remorseful.”

    Lord Menzies added that he was inclined to believe the remorse shown by Gordon was genuine.

    Defence counsel Tim Niven-Smith said Gordon’s employer told him at the time of the fatal incident he had been concerned that Gordon would take his own life.



    I was called up for jury duty for this case, I wasn’t selected. I was initially encouraged that he was found guilty, now I’m torn. 10 years without the ability to drive means he ‘ll be retired before he drives legally again, whether that is life changing depends. As the judge says he claims to be remorseful, would sending him to prison change anyone else’s behaviour?

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    would sending him to prison change anyone else’s behaviour?

    I think it would. Certainly wouldn’t make anyone drive worse. One of the problems with UK car culture is that driving is not seen as something to be taken seriously, How can we change this?

    Part of the reason is pathetic sentences. This one is a joke IMO. This death was 100% avoidable and the result of a deliberate, calculated decision to disregard the safety of others. Also due to this I take issue with the judge describing it as an “accident”.


    I don’t really believe in retributive justice and we don’t know a lot of details.

    Sometimes people can make a mistake driving, they can be tired or stressed, or make an honest misjudgement.

    On the other hand people can drive almost maliciously or recklessly and deserve more punishment.


    As a bit of background, it was early morning and he had only cleared a small portion of his windscreen. He overtook a cyclist approaching a blind summit and killed Gary Christie who was on the opposite carriageway.

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