What 70th Birthday gift for my dad?

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  • What 70th Birthday gift for my dad?
  • edward2000

    My dad is 70 soon! My bro and I have no idea what to get him. BUdget is about a couple of hundred quid we think but this is arbitrary. Any ideas?

    A copy of “Fly Fishing” by J.R Hartley.

    Quite rare apparently

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Does he drink? I went with a cliched port set of 40/20/10 year old stuff (whisky is another option). Not very interesting I know but he’s not the adventurous type.

    If your dad is more adventurous then something involving one of his hobbies would be the obvious choice, as to what you’d need to list those hobbies for us…

    One of those ceramic poppies from the Tower of London.

    …or a power kite.


    For my dad’s 80th my sister bought him a bag that had had cake it it and a picture of a dead horse.

    Exactly what he’d asked for for every birthday for the previous 50 years. I believe the horse was actually just lying down rather than dead but it was close enough.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    What does he like? Get him some of that, or a nice one of those. You’ve not given us a lot to work with here.

    At 70 I’d hazard that the last thing he’d want is more Stuff, I’d favour experiences.

    Tandem Skydive?


    We got our father in law a tandem gliding experience and he loved it.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Lasting Power of Attorney?


    For my 40th, my Wife got me a Tiger Moth flight from this lot:

    Classic Wings

    It was great. You probably want to factor in the cost of buying the video/photo package afterwards too. I think that was an extra £40 or so…


    A slap up meal.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Adopt a goat

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    A new singlespeed…

    It has the advantage that next year’s present can be a 3 speed S-A hubgear.

    He’s only 70 once. 🙂

    Premier Icon bikebouy


    B&H pack of 20.


    Woodbines and a flat cap.


    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Blow the budget and get him a flight in a 2 seat spitfire.

    Or (cheaper) a flight in a plane following one.


    2 day course learning to fire up and drive a traction engine?

    My dad loved it 5 yrs ago (but he loves traction engines) – his was at Museum of East anglian life, other locations were available


    Cookery course for the three of you.

    Sushi or something.

    Premier Icon bodgy

    Fly fishing course for the three of you.


    When my Dad hit 70 we found an original map of the bus and tram routes near the house he lived in as a boy. He loves vintage buses and transport, and a bit of rooting around found an original map for sale, so we got that framed, and accompanied it with a nice bottle of his favourite tipple and a slap up dinner.


    My bother, sister & myself hired an E type and paid for a weekend in a luxury b&b in the Highlands when my dad turned 70. He changed the car to a Morgan and loved it.


    A watch and a power kite.

    He’s younger than Mick Jagger so less of the trams and spitfires suggestions.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    A boot Jack. Great for removing muddy boots, or a commemorative silver tankard with a 70 and an otter on it or something.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    a commemorative silver tankard with a 70 and an otter on it or something.

    You’d be better doing that with a new kettle.

    Because it’s a little water ‘otter.

    I bought my Dad a set CX wheels and a cheap laptop for GoPro duties but I use it more than him lol.

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    I’d spend time with him. Take him out to dinner. Take the day off and experience something together. Walking, coffee or visit something he likes. Coffee, lunch. Spend time together. Cost immaterial.

    Track day with Caterham experience. My Dad loved it for his 70th, obviously treated myself as its cheaper for 2. After looking around it’s the cheapest way of getting proper track time as they want you to buy a car.


    I bought mine a hip flask with his DOB & name engraved into it & some nice whiskey to go in it.


    Not his 70th and as much me wanting to do it.

    But every year a charity organises trips to the top of the forth rail bridge.

    Its superb. Just standing on top of it looking down taking in the views knowing its unaccessible for most people mist of the time.


    Nicko74 where Did you find said map? He loves buses and trams and his knowledge on them is like an encyclooedia.

    Premier Icon RUSHER4

    74 this year myself, I’ve asked for even wider bars for my hard nut hardtail and absailing 40 mtrs from the roof of the New Spurs stadium.
    A friends family booked a box at the United ground for a surprise party with about a dozen of his releis.

    Power Kite , Poppy , coke, hookers , sudocreme, Burr grinder , Grindr subscription , STW premier membership, springer spaniel, E – bike,
    or how about a hospitality box at the gee -gees ?
    Hot Air Ballooon flight ?
    Day on a 12mtr yacht in the Solent
    Raymand Blancs Chateau aux quatrra saissons is great for a lunch

    Half an hour with fat Brenda down at the local chippy, followed by a tray of chips with curry sauce or mushy peas.

    Also, get him a nice bottle of Port. And a few cigars. Bliss.


    Do something with him ( not fat Brenda, necessarily) he’ll he’ll appriciate your time & company as opposed to a gift?!

    Premier Icon tthew

    It’s my uncle’s 70th this weekend. We’re going quad bike riding and for a pub lunch.

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