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  • What 36T Chainring?
  • Premier Icon mboy

    Don’t want to spend the earth. Got a Raceface Turbine 24/36/Bash setup on my bike, 36T ring is way past its replacement date if I’m honest. Using it in a 10spd setup though the rings say 9speed on them (they’ve worked fine and I understand 9 and 10spd rings are the same width).

    What to replace with? Seen 36T SLX 9spd ring on CRC for £18.99 (and another 10% off right now), but anything better value and/or cheaper? Or anything that’s worth spending more on, cos it is a lot more durable?

    I always just ran the SLX 36-tooth when I had a double setup.

    Premier Icon trusty

    You not interested in the spider and rings mate? If you are drop me a line with what your willing to pay. As for your post above, that seems a good price. Shimano rings have always lasted me ok, no idea about 9/10 speed compatibility tho.


    Cheap, how about a steel deore?


    Premier Icon Northwind

    Steel deore for me. Weight difference isn’t as much as you’d think, and though it doesn’t shift quite as nicely on day one as a posher ring, it shifts better on day 100, and it’s still shifting on day 1000000.

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    I used 24 and 36 Middleburn hardcoat rings when I went double (single now) and they were great. Hard wearing and nice shifting.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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