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  • What 29er wheel set, more related stuff inside.
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    Hi all,

    Looking for a 29er wheel set, done the usual trawling & On-one have some good deals. Just wondering if anybody has experience with any of those available from On-one, or has any other suggestions as to what might be a sensibly priced wheel set, I’m not looking to pay £500 for a pair of wheels, so please keep it sensible.
    Cheers in advance.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Personally, go the custom build route. Off the shelf wheelsets are a pain in the arse normally if anything happens (you break a spoke, bend a rim etc.), but the problem is 10 times worse with 29ers because of rarity!

    So, I’d go hubs of your Choice (can’t go wrong with Hope really) on the rims of your choice (Stans are very nice of course, but Mavic TN719’s really are a great rim at a more affordable price), built with some nice double butted spokes…

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    Thanks, I will look into it, maybe get a pair of wheels I have relaced onto 29 rims.


    Are Hope doing a clown sized wheel set yet?Can’t go wrong especially if they’re Arch’s.


    I had a fsa wheelset from on one. Wrote the back wheel off on a rocky descent so had the hub rebuilt into a stans arch, so far so good. Fsa front still perfect.

    Salsa Gordo is a nice rim – strong and 35mm wide – you can run tubed large vol tyres at 18fr/25r psi – no problem.

    Am looking at 50mm rims now 😀

    I just got some Stans Arch rims on Hope SS hubs from Just Riding Along, £350. Very light and a nice looking girl when I picked them up

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    Rather than create a new thread, hope it’s OK to bump this one up a bit as my query is similar. I’m looking for new singlespeed 29er wheels. Decided on Hope hubs but still unsure on rims: not sure whether to go for Stans Crest or Stans Arch or something completely different.

    Q/ Any advice on the most appropriate Stans 29er rim for my purposes?
    (my 26ers have EN321s, I’m 85kg, but tend not to get airborne on the SS – not sure if Arch’s are more sensible, but the weight saving getting the Crests is very appealing).

    Q/ Stans rims don’t appear to have eyelets – is that correct? I always thought eyelets made for a stronger rim. Can anyone enlighten/correct me?

    Q/ If not Stans rims, what would you suggest?

    I’m looking at JRA’s custom wheels at the moment as they’re one of the few offering pre-built Hope SS hub with 29er rims, but they’re limited to Stans rims only.


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