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  • What 29er to replace my Summer Season?
  • WackoAK

    I fancy a change and I’m leaning towards a 29er for no other reason than “just because”..

    Current hardtail is an One-One Summer Season on which I run a Lyrik at 130.

    Current Contenders are:

    Trek Stache
    Kona Honzo/Taro
    Titus Fireline
    Transition TransAM

    Any others I should be considering?

    Basically after a “hardcore hardtail” 29er that will take a 120mm fork.


    I thought 29ers were just for XC jeys in lycra? You have the perfect hardcore hardtail and would only find the change a slow boring annoying one I reckon!

    Don’t sell the 456 until you’ve had the new frame for a couple of months anyway!


    You gotten the majority of the ones i looked at, though have completely missed the main contender, the Canfield Yelli Screamy (& newly updates nimble 9), also consider the SC Highball… I went for the Whyte 929

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    Mythic Paradox ….


    I have a custom built 29er frame with short stays slack head tube, it is far more playful than any other bike I’ve owned, it loves to leave the ground and is sooo much fun, definitely not for Xc jayboys i run mine with 140 revs it’s great, I’d be looking for a yelli screamy if I was you


    It still amazes me people think all 29ers are the same


    Canfield Yelli Screamy

    I looked at that initially but as soon as I read “80mm” I ignored it and subsequently missed the “to 120mm” part! 😳

    It looks good but rather pricey at £850.

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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