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  • What 29er frame in gate proportions? ;)
  • walla24

    Ok ok so I have succumb like a sheep and I want to build up a 29er XC hardtail machine!

    I am 6′ 6 36″ inside leg so it must be huge 😉

    Definitely not ss and will probably run with a sid/reba.

    Bonus points for:
    Cheap! sub £400
    Bright coloured!
    High bb height!



    Solaris in xl. Meets all criteria I think, well, ish.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    36″ inside leg here. 20″ frames fit me fine. – it’s not even a particularly wierd size for a 29er.

    There was a chap a week or so ago selling a pink on one scandal in 20″ which comes up pretty long.

    Might be worth a search.


    Would have though the main issue would have been reach at 6.6.

    At only 6′ 3″ and 34″ leg 20″ fit me fine.


    Surly Ogre.
    Just build one of a mate who’s 6’8”
    (edit) even he said it looked BIG!

    Premier Icon jeffl

    6’5″ here and ride a 21″ inbred 29er in bright orange. Frames are £150. The other option that springs to mind is a solaris. They’re selling off some XL bright blue frames cheap. So far I’ve managed to resist.


    Bikescene are doing Spesh Carve pro frames for £270 at the mo, they come in HUGE..

    Premier Icon Metasequoia

    A 20 inch frame with a 36 inside leg and 6’6″ is way too small unless you the OP plans on a very low saddle height, a riser stem, a stack of spacers or a 10cm saddle to bar drop. 21 inch Solaris, Niner, Highball would be great.

    Premier Icon ton

    22” karate monkey was too big for me at 6 foot 4” with a 33” inside leg.

    huuuuge thing.


    not pink 😉

    googling Solaris….


    Yum! If only the bright green were reduced too, may have been a winner!


    120mm on a 29er feels about the same as 140mm on a 26er yes?

    Premier Icon kelvin

    Bright Blue XL Solaris are on offer at the moment.
    There aren’t any Bright Green XL ones left.

    Yes, the “feels like it has more travel” thing is sort of true, fork wise.

    Premier Icon mboy

    I’ve got a customer who’s 6ft10, makes his 23″ Spesh Rockhopper 29er with 400mm seatpost at max extension, and riser bars on it, look like a BMX! Haha.

    MrTall off here rides a Kona honzo 20″Long (they do that rather than make a 22″ I think for stand over reasons) that at 6ft7 seems to fit him quite well. He’s got the world’s longest legs though!

    Stanton Bikes new Sherpa frame is going to come in a 21″ size, with a VERY long top tube. Dan told me he’s designed it to fit a mate who’s 6ft6 thereabouts and long of limb. Gotta wait a few months yet though!

    21″ Inbred 29er (or a Scandal) would be the obvious cheap choice. Geometry is a bit too steep though IMO (I owned one), needs updating.

    Solaris in an XL looks a bargain at the moment at 25% off, should be big enough at a push too.

    As for forks… SID’s really are for lightweight super skinny race whippets. They’re flexy and I wouldn’t recommend them to most people, at your height (even if you’re skinny) you’re going to find them quite a flexy proposition. Reba’s are better, but still not the stiffest. I’d look at something like the cheap 2012 Revelations on CRC right now as although still a 32mm fork there’s more material in them, or the X-Fusion Slide. Both forks are highly adjustable travel wise, noticeably stiffer than a SID or a Reba, and don’t cost the earth. Running one of each right now and impressed with both.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    Aren’t current SIDs and Rebas based on the same lower and crown? Both as flexy/stiff as each other? Revelations/Slants good suggestions.


    Cotic are doing XL Solariseses cheap ATM.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I had an XL Solaris.

    At 6′ 3” I found the fit good in all respects except standover. Felt a little too close for comfort.

    My XL Solaris:

    I had a 21 Inbred too and found the fit again really good but the standover was as above …. too close for comfort!

    My XL Inbred

    I would have though both would be a good fit for the larger gent 🙂

    That said after a number of exchanges of emails with Dan @ Stanton bikes I shall be going with a 21” Sherpa 🙂


    ^^ … Mark, did you have a preference between the Inbred and Solaris ?

    I’m 6’3 with a 33 inside leg and am tempted with the Solaris offers at Cotic, esp as they can run 120mm forks.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I liked both, but they were markedly different.

    The Inbred, despite its heft, flew along and despite only having 80mm of travel felt really planted.

    The Solaris was built as an all day bike. Flows, Ardents dropper etc.

    I thought it stiff for a steel frame but then I thought it accelerated much quicker than the Soul it replaced that was far flexier.

    I would have like to have tried a 120mm fork but that really would have compromised the stand over clearance.

    With a 33” leg and a 120mm fork I would want to be wearing platform shoes to avoid damaging the boys 😆

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