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  • What 27/650b rims / wheelset?
  • I should add – this isn’t a hoax, or bait to start a discussion on wheel sizes.


    Premier Icon everyone

    Hope + whatever stans rim flavour takes your fancy. Done.

    I have some pro 2 hubs (the new 40t ratchet) in blue with 650b stans arch ex rims (not straight pull, built with dt revolution spokes and blue nipples, literally 2 months old so mint condition, which I will be selling due to a change of mind on my bike situation, if interested email me at jonathantraverse@hotmail.co.uk

    Premier Icon kimbers

    I got some of the light bicycle 35mm hookless carbon rims I had built onto my pro2s, love em so far, nice and wide very stiff and savedsome weight, 1 strip of wtb tape and tubeless no probs, survived EWS and are generally ace

    Took about a month from ordering till finally getting them from customs

    Cost under 300 including postage and taxes

    (And seen a lot of people with rim,spoke and hub issues on crossmaxes at ukge,ews and mega this year, 700 quid and a bit pants is a joke)


    I just recently picked up some hope hoops with hope enduro rims. They are a good set of wheels but if I could have got flow ex, I would have taken them every day of the week. I’d already waited 6 weeks and it’s now second week of August so couldn’t wait any longer

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I bought some Superstar Tactic / Tesla Evo wheels in 29er flavour recently.

    Not built the bike they’re going on yet, but quite impressed with the build quality, width of rims and the weight.

    Worth a look as well under your budget and come in many colours to satisfy your tartiness.


    Have had much hard use out of American Classic rims but am currently looking at Spank Oozy bead-bite rims for next set. Due out first week of next month – the current rims Spank Oozy rims have always had a good write up.

    Freehub on my rear wheel packed up last night, so I’m on prowl for some new wheels (and being an utter peacock, the front and rear need to match).

    I have a set of hubs that I can convert to said dimensions and enjoy building wheels, so rim recommendations also appreciated.

    Bike is a 150mm susser, riding is a mix of short, sharp southern hills and longer, rockier northern hills.

    Spec is 15mm axle on the front, 142×12 rear.

    Prefer tubeless, but not a deal killer.

    Straight pull spokes are a deal killer though – I wouldn’t touch them with yours.

    While the budget is flexible, £700 wheelsets in ‘goes-with-nothing’ yellow are taking the pish. Realistically don’t want to pay much more than £300, and less is better.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks all.

    Jonny RM – YGM. Only had one set of Stans (Crests) which were positively underwhelming, but I’ve read the Arches are more substantial. I’ll let you convince me. 🙂

    Chapaking – unfortunately I’ve met Neil. Otherwise I’d be interested – the reviews are certainly good. 😉

    Thanks Kimbers. Not sure I can wait several weeks, but definitely interesting for a second set of wheels, especially with bigger tyres.

    On a Mavic note, has anyone used the CrossRoc?

    Hopefully i should have a pair of hope pro2’s with WTB frequency I25 rims sitting at home when i get back on monday!!!! First time not on mavic rims in about 12 years. Hope their good!


    I have the i23 frequencys on hope hubs. Loved them so much I bought a set for my 29er too.

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    New Ryde trace trail rims. as wide as flow ex but lighter build onto dt 240 hubs . 530 euros . Fantastic wheelset

    Those Rydes could work. Rigida made some superb rims back in the day.


    I’ve just paid £310 for a pair of hope enduro rims with the latest Evo 2 40t hubs from my lbs !.

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    I’ll post some pics of the rydes if you like, just give me a shout

    Premier Icon akira

    Hope hubs built up on Spank rims, preferably in a garish colour.


    Superstar Tactic rims on their SKF bearings Evo hubs….less than £300 and with non proprietary spokes that any old LBS can service/replace.


    Currently running some derby 40mm external with rims that replaced some arch’s and laced onto Chris King hubs, took two weeks approx from the states. Love em so far, they have a steamroller effect with a LOT less sidewall flex, so much so Im running 20psi in my HR front and they still feel fairly hard and still go exactly where I point them.

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