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  • What 27.5 Enduro Bike?
  • Having looked at the Bronson and Solo im edging towards the Bronson just as it will suit my general riding better.

    Any others out there that could be contenders.

    Will be frame only if possible.

    Budget is 2K max.


    Premier Icon kimbers

    kona process


    I’m waiting for this bad boy. No two grand frames around here thangyouverymuch.


    Intense tracer 275

    Have just found this. Although its 26 its a bargain and looks amazing!


    Have just found this. Although its 26 its a bargain and looks amazing!

    Indeed. Lush bike. Only turned off by the fork. My last 32 was pants and these 34’s have been slated by almost everyone.


    @shark attack – how important is customer service to you?

    Well I would hope that they would sort something out pronto if it went snap. As for mechanical stuff, there’s nothing I can’t do myself.


    I’d look elsewhere then, still no mech hangers and a few snapped or frames with cracks which have been sent in with little feedback or replacements yet.

    Where do you do most of your riding?
    I have a SOLO and its a great all rounder, went to the lakes this week and Borrowdale Bash was a lot of fun on it. Makes trail centres fun too. As for throwing it down super steep tech stuff, think the travel limits you. If thats more your thing and perhaps want to go to Alps etc, then Mr Bronson is your weapon of choice.
    Is £2k for frame?
    Trek remedys are looking pretty capable machines for 2014 too

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    Only turned off by the fork. My last 32 was pants and these 34’s have been slated by almost everyone.

    The 32 are too Flexi but are nothing like the 34’s.
    The model that has been slated were the 2013’s and the new ones have a changed damper. I have the 34 Float CTD TA and like it a lot, getting it tuned in well (but STW knows I am wrong 🙂 ) coming from a 36 and 55’s the stiffness is not that of a DH fork but it’s not on it’s still very stiff though

    Not heard much bad about Bronsons, the RM altitude is a great bike. I tried the 750 Alloy one which was good but not as good as the Blur LTc I got instead. However the top end carbon is meant to be a better.

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    Liteville 301

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    This is the only 650b AM bike I’d consider

    The 2014 Range Killer B is designed for aggressive (tick), wide-open all-mountain(tick) riding. Featuring category-bending capability(tick), the 160mm Range is both an enduro race rig(tick)[b](tick)[/b] and the ideal backcountry(tick) accomplice

    Certainly scores highly on the buzzword scale 😉


    Liteville have gone mismatched for 2014

    Banshee Spitfire?


    Certainly scores highly on the buzzword scale

    Yeah who writes that crap?

    Still, nice bike. Good geo and 160mm unlike most. British designer too.


    Rumour has it that Nicolai will be releasing the details and geometry of the 650b/27.5″ version of the Ion 16 today… 8)

    Not a cheap option though 😐

    Premier Icon downhilldave

    Waiting for this to be delivered 8)

    Again not a cheap option,but you only live once 😉


    Wish Nicolai would bloody hurry up and release those details on the 27.5 Ion 16 – they are already a week late……

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    Plus one for Spicy. Your right you only live once. Going for AM Zesty, live the dream

    Premier Icon Mintyjim

    I’ve just ordered the cheapest Canyon Strive, should hopefully arrive next week…10 year guarantee, amazing price and I frequently work near to Koblenz (their HQ) so I’m not sweating about aftermarket support.

    I really debated the whole 27.5 thing simply because if you’re ‘forced’ by bike marketeers there’s very little you can do, but then I’ve got enough quality 26″ spares (and decent Shimano kit) that a 1×10 26er cheapest Canyon worked for me. First brand new bike in a loooong time so I’m excited.
    No idea which wheel size is better, it came down to whole life (of ownership) costs for me, couple with a decent geometry.

    My stereo is just the job. Has done a load of enduros plus the Mega and the Trans Savoie!


    Hey Guys

    i’m surprised no one has mentioned the new Mondraker range yet? the 2014 stuff is amazing! The dune is a very different bike to previous years and has certainly grabbed a lot of attention since its release!

    See below a link to the 27.5 enduro range:

    Turner Burner in 20 year anniversary polished finish or matt black. Mmm

    Premier Icon MadBillMcMad

    Norco Sight

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Turner Burner, forget that guff review that was published in the recent STW magazine.

    I have had a 5 spot for about 2 years and will run it till it dies. Got a mate on a sultan who is in the same boat.

    Turners absolutely rock.


    In reality this is like every single other ‘spec me an all-mountain/enduro/trail-bike/mountain bike/mountaining mountain bicycling bike’ thread, minus the 27.5 wheels.

    Get the Bronson/Solo, I imagine Santa Cruz have got their carbon sorted now with the revised pivots, 5 year warranty, free bearing replacement, it should last you 5 years and even longer unless they bring out another wheel size or invent some more buzzwords.


    New Orange Five would be good – Fives are always more capable than their travel suggests. Plus you know it’s maintenance-free compared to any SC and most other multi-pivots. Glowing review in a recent Dirt.

    Plus you know it’s maintenance-free compared to any SC and most other multi-pivots

    Intense’s have pivot grease ports.

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    Norco Sight !


    Bronson has grease ports too.

    Bronson grease ports

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Cube Stereo 160 – carbon rocket for £3,000


    +1 Cube Stereo

    Premier Icon beagle

    Knolly warden? Little wait mind.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Plus you know it’s maintenance-free compared to any SC and most other multi-pivots

    It’s amazing how much orange owners care 🙂 Those of us on VPP just grease them and get going 🙂

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