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  • West Highland Way – Friday 21 January
  • Aidan

    A few people know this already, but some of you might be interested to know that I’ll be having a go at the West Highland Way double this week.

    I’m starting on Friday morning from Glasgow and I’ll be carrying a SPOT tracker, so you will be able to follow my progress online. I’ll be riding a Surly Pugsley – much as I’d love to ride my Singular, I think the fat bike will be best tool for the job this time. I’ll be carrying all kit for the entire journey so even though my girlfriend will be following on the road, she’s there for emergencies and photos. I will be taking bivvy gear (including a stove), but not intending to use it unless I have to.

    I don’t underestimate the difficulty of being up there on my own in the winter. In case you think this idea is entirely half-baked, it’s worth knowing that I have ridden the Tour Divide and Iditarod Invitational to McGrath.

    You can follow last-minute preparations, updates during the ride, and the aftermath on the internet:



    Good luck fella.


    Good luck – sounds like an intersting one to follow. You sound like you are well prepared and know what to expect. Rather you than me though (especially in January!)


    Best of luck. Are you intending to do the section from Inversnaid to the top of the loch; I’ve heard it’s not very nice 😯


    Do you expect any snow left on the ground? At this time of year the Pugsley probably sounds the best bike snow or not!

    What sort of time are you expecting to do it in? Off the top of my head, I would have thought between 40-45 hours?

    Good luck!

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Sounds good fun, the section along Loch Lomond will be need a bit of carrying the bike though if you haven’t walked it before. Ground should be nice and frozen by the weekend I think which is nice!


    good luck aidan !

    – i meant to email you yesterday asking if you did it actually …


    ceekay – Member
    Best of luck. Are you intending to do the section from Inversnaid to the top of the loch; I’ve heard it’s not very nice

    Err – if you don’t do that, it’s not doing the WHW.

    Good luck matey!


    Good luck! I’m sure the Pugsley will be good for the job but pretty heavy for the carry bits. Will follow your progress 😀

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    Have fun, will follow your progress with interest.


    Hi folks, thanks for the good wishes.

    Yes, I’m doing the whole thing, including carrying. The bike itself is not as heavy as you might think – the equipment will make it heavier, but not impossible.

    I have no real idea of how long it will take in winter. I’ll have about 48 hours of food and over 24 hours of lighting with me so we’ll see what’s possible.

    trail_rat – I was going to go last weekend but I spent the first week of January quite ill and I couldn’t eat for about a week. It put everything back a bit, but I’m OK now!

    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    I have to say I read the thread title as July, not January! Then had to double check that you were planning it for this weekend.

    Looking out the window here (Fort William) past the rain beating against the window I can see there’s snow lying at 600m or so. If this weather continues it will be a real war of attrition for you but best of luck!

    Let me know if there is anything I can help with (email in profile) seeing as I’m based at the turnaround point of your trip.


    Respeck dude! I intend to do it one way in 2 days as part of a 4 day Glasgow to Elgin ride. I thought that would be hard enough. You’re nuts!

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    good luck to ye, mr slow here took an easy 2 days to do from tyndrum to fw in july the other year! in fairness, i was having a few pints of guiness in every pub and smoking weed through out, but still aw the best! 😆

    i’d put money on the devils staircase being covered in snow!

    Premier Icon Sanny


    Fair bit of frost heave heading out towards Dumgoyne. The recent thaw has really mangled some of the trails. The Conic Hill descent will be a bit gloopy too with the trail up the back of it more a push than a carry with all the rain run off creating deep channels. The recent ice has all gone.

    The Pottery in Drymen is ace for a cake stop. The Roawardennan Hotel isnae bad either as is the chipper in Crianlarich.

    Good luck fella. It’s a fair old undertaking but sounds like you’re doing it as one day out and one day back with the option of several hours of sleep in between or short snooze breaks. No rest stops would be pretty full on and in winter, a wee off when you are sleep deprived can end up being somewhat consequential if you are unlucky.

    I wouldn’t be so worried about snow as incessant rain and wind. It can be the bane of the Scottish Mountain Biker.

    Take pics and post them after.

    You probably do this already but for proper epics I always take food that I crave. Even if it’s something like a cold bacon and mushroom roll with brown sauce, the mental boost it gives can be a real help.



    PS Bullands Cafe in Milngavie is very mountain bike friendly and a grand place to finish with tea and scones. Do you see a theme here?

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