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  • tobsters

    Are there any novice CX-ers out there who have done any races in the Wessex league?

    Keen to find out if its beginner/average fitness friendly. I’ve mtb’d for a long time so not new cycling, and now keen to try CX so any info/advice would be appreciated.




    Wessex league is done on age groups up to 39years you go in seniors which are all the superfast cat 1 roadies, 40 and over go in vets inc women and old farts, I get to go in vets from now on yippee.

    Just seen this.

    Don’t be put off my racing against fast guys, if they come past you they will give you plenty of warning (along the lines of coming through or rider left/ right etc)and the courses are wide enough for you to not to have to slow down and ruin your race.

    You will always find someone to race against too as there’s a huge variation in ability level in every class. The Wessex league is fantastic and very friendly. Come along and have a race, you’ll enjoy it. 😀


    there not all cat 1 racers but theres certainly a lot of fast people young and old.
    im on the slow side in cx but still great fun, i mean torture!
    give it a go, you may come last but doesnt matter, ill get a few vets races this year which i doubt will be easier but maybe ill do a bit better 🙂
    some courses are better than others though..


    Seniors and vets often start in the same race inless they are big races.Soon pans out.Good course at kemble/Newbury which are Wessex ones plus some good ones Western league.Go have a rip.


    Thanks all, I’m planning to give it a bash at Newbury next weekend, and then other local rounds if I enjoy it. If you see a guy on a yellow bike looking like he’s about to expire… that’ll be me.

    Premier Icon phil40

    I’ll see you at Newbury next weekend, I will be at the back on a black cotic X


    Nice one. Yellow Macho Man, hope to see you.


    Hi guys, I see on the Wessex CX website there’s mention of training nights in Southampton. Have any of you been to these?
    I’m on the lookout for a bike but unsure on what size I’d want, is it likely that there’s any taller (I’m 6’3) people that would let me have a spin round the car park?

    Mark, I’ve not been to the session myself but I have spoken to Dave Jowell (coach) about the sessions and he say’s that they get a good turn out week. I’m sure if you go along someone will allow you to have a go, we’re a friendly bunch. 🙂

    I did the first session last week. There was a good mix of serious riders and novices on MTBs, plus kids. The sessions are a large part technique but do get you working hard in short bursts. Lights are recommended as the floodlight coverage doesn’t extend to the whole of the area used.

    I’m now very tempted to buy a ‘cross bike. Singlespeed of course.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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