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    Looking forward to this (I think :|) What’s the course like apart from being very hilly? Mud mud and more mu, rooty or rocky or fire track etc. ie Mud tyres or more general?


    Muddy and rooty not a lot of rock. A bit of fire road, maybe a bit more this year the forest is very wet !! I’ll be on nobby nics front and rear.

    Premier Icon Alex

    At least it’ll be warm mud. Last year was properly cold. And with added sleet if I remember rightly. I’ve made my tyre selection through the simple process of ‘what’s on the rims currently?’. 2.2 Rubber Queen on the front and Mountain King 2.2 on the back.

    On the Solaris again this year. Was perfect last year. Did consier changing to a mud tyre on the front (based on how muddy it was last year) but since I’ve been slithering about on that pair all winter, really can’t be bothered.

    Looking forward to it tho. Was great last year.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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