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  • Premier Icon ton

    i knew someone would mention this.
    i have been deleteing the emails without reading em, cos i knew i would get jealous… 😥
    i had to trade doing it for a week in the pyrenees,
    limited brownie points…. 😉


    What ride would this be?

    So who else on here is going to be showing up near Machynlyth on the 23rd? I know some of the people on the mailing list have broken bones / other plans so a roll-call would be good.

    I will be driving up on Saturday morning for anyone who needs a lift from the Cheltenham area or anywhere on the way.

    I have had a test pack of my gear and apart from the food it has all been checked. Food will be purchased this week so I can check I can cram it all in the rear rack bag. I have a history of over catering on this sort of event!

    Kit list:

    Alpkit dry bag (medium, on bars) Sleeping bag, Alpkit bivvi bag, 7×4′ tarp, guy ropes and tent pegs (if its really nice that will stay at home)

    Frame Bag Tools, tube, pump, maps, sunglasses and snacks.

    Alpkit dry bag (Large, on rack) Self inflating mat, Ti mug, micro stove and 100g gas cartridge, matches, water purifier tabs, spork, wash kit and all the food.

    Camelbak Octane 8+ Spare clothes, arm and leg warmers, hat, gloves, water proofs, 2L H2o, camera, whistle, MP3 player.

    Not eveything is listed as a) its boring and b) I don’t want to give too much away, the devil is in the details!

    I have the 4 maps and the start GR but I can’t wait to get the checkpoints and start planning the route and seeing what sort of time I am looking at being out in the wilds.



    GR should be out Mon evening/Tue morning…I was out all day Sat and Sun weighing up a few final things, sunshine by day, bothy by night … what could be better 😀


    Bothys by night you say? I’ve got a fair idea which way your headed.

    I should hopefully be on the start line barring another trip to a&e for xrays, ankle still isn’t as strong as I’d like but it is still 3 weeks away.


    I’ll be there. Probably on my Pugsley since that’s my best bike for carrying loads of gear.

    No planning done as yet though! 😯

    Premier Icon miketually

    Have a good one.


    “Not eveything is listed as a) its boring and b) I don’t want to give too much away, the devil is in the details!”

    is this your kitlist singlespeedpunk????

    I used my Carousel Design Works frame bag, a Blackburn rack and two Alpkit.com dry bags lashed to the bars and rack to carry stuff. I also had my ancient Source hydration pack for water and a few bits even though I hate riding with stuff on my back.

    Bars: 8L dry bag, Alpkit Hunkka bivvi bag and Highlander 1.5 season down bag (Ebay special). Lightweight poncho / tarp with paracord ties and 6 steel pegs. 3x straps to tie it on.

    Frame bag: CDW with 2 compartments and zip-out divider. Waterproof lower zip, streatch gusset on upper. Amazing bit of kit.

    Lower pocket: 1x 29er tube, Topeak pocketrocket pump, Topeak Hexus tool, Leatherman folding knife, Rock N Roll chain oil, rag, spare bolts, patch kit, tyre boot and spokes. 4x Lithium AA’s. Pretty much your normal stuff.

    Upper pocket: First aid kit, snacks (too many), maps, sun cream, insect repellant, Assos “minty arse lard”, multi use soap, toothbrush and paste. Coffee press / mug combo with 100g of java. Small coil lock (OK for beer garden security!)

    Rack: 13L dry bag with 3/4 self-inflating sleeping mat rolled to give bag shape and protect stuff. Cycling shorts, baggy shorts, merino boxers, merino socks, merino T shirt. Ti 1L mug and lid, Coleman micro gas stove and 100g cartridge, lighter, bin bags, scouring pad, spork, Ti+Rose wood Chopsticks (Alpkit again!) Toilet paper.

    Bungee Net: on the top of the bag for extra food (in orange silnylon bag in photo, other is rubbish awaiting a bin) and drying shorts / tops on the move. Held on with micro carabinas.

    Source Hydropack: 2L H2O, Montane Velocity jacket, Montane superlight rain trousers, glasses case (and regular glasses, bag and cleaner) Rico GR-D camera and spare battery, wallet and keys.

    Bike: Solitude custom 29er, WTB Vulpine tyres, 34:20 freewheel / 34:18 fixed. Garmin Legend GPS, Fenix L2D Q5 front light, Cateye LD600 rear light on rack.

    I would junk the coffee mug / press and pack a towel next time. A Wingnut Gear pack is also looking good for extra clothes and stuff I need on the move, plus the low carry position should make it better on my shoulders and neck. Less snacks as we were never far from a shop or cafe (love this tiny over crowded island!) and 2kg of “just in case” food is crazy! Everything else worked really well, despite me deleting the GPS track on day 1 and relying on the much drawn over paper maps.


    Haven’t a clue what you are on about but its very similar to what we are doing that weekend. Going from FoD to Mach via Rhayder and a wild camp.


    That is the luxury packing option for lazy tours, this set up will be stripped down…no coffee press for a start! I took the bike I intend to use out today for a quick 35km in the FoD to make sure it all works and the new stem is ok.

    Bothy? Well I know one a little way south of the start point but other than that I am in the dark. The 4 maps cover quite a big area so its any ones guess (although I have drawn a 40km radius round the start GR in Memory Map to get an idea)

    Can’t wait for the GR’s so I can start pouring over the maps I have sat here next to me!



    I’m itching for the GR to come too.

    Hurry up stuart!!!

    Don’t worry alex, I can let you know the GR for the local bothys nut I’d expect them to be full for the whole bank holiday.

    Bothys don’t bother me, just give me the middle of a pine forest where I can hunker down on the pine needles and snooze!

    Not sure how much sleeping I will be doing, as I hope to cover some (easy) ground in the dark. All depends on the GR’s!

    Right, off to cook a curry and not think about maps or Wales!



    Email containg the all important GR has now been sent … SSP put that curry down and get your maps out 😉


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