Wellies – recommend me a good fitting boot

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  • Wellies – recommend me a good fitting boot
  • mildred

    I seem to spend half my life in wellies. I’ve had all types of brand & style but struggle to get a pair that lasts or fits well.

    I don’t want to spend Hunter money because when I did they lasted the least time of all. Does anyone know of a decent welly that fits more like a boot, doesn’t pull your socks down, doesn’t fall apart/wear out/split within weeks, & doesn’t cost the earth?

    A pair of riggers?

    Wear them for work. Warmer, comfier, and way more durable than wellies.
    Waterproofas long as your not wading through water the whole time.


    I find the neoprene legged ones grip my calves better and are more comfortable for me. Warm in summer mind.


    Have a look at Muck Boots.

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    Muck boots.

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    (they’re warm, comfy and great value. Mine are Derwents)

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    Dirt Boots , like Muck boots but affordable .

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    I love my Muck Boots but my Le Chameau wellies were the dogs danglies.
    Lasted ten years and only died because the rubber got old and cracked,I would have a new pair but the model I had is about £180 now 😯 .
    The Muck Boots must be 7 or 8 years old now and still going strong but they haven’t had as much use as my Le Chameau.

    I recommend finding a good shooting/ fishing/ country store and trying different ones on.

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    Le Chameau neoprene lined every time.

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