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  • derp

    Sorry to hear that. Raise a glass and celebrate the memories and the life led.


    well that’s a bit shitty. Sorry to hear it dude.


    shitter mate…..big forum hug.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    sorry to hear that m_f

    And Pringles – gonna need something to soak this sucker up.

    Condolences MF.


    Sympathies for your loss, grim news and chin up


    Tough, mf!

    Even at forty-whatever-it-is that I am, I feel like a kid who has no-one to tell him what to do next.


    no idea what to say. tough one xx

    Sorry dude. Shit news. Thought you’d been quiet.

    Nothing to say to make you feel better. It’s a shit few days. Expected or not, it’s still shit. Can only say I hope you all start to feel better soon.


    Sorry for your loss. Remember the good times, it really does help IME.

    YGM Winegums.

    Yeah DD – been busy with hospital visits (mum and doctors) as well as trying to keep on top of work. If it wasn’t for my little girls running in (and falling over spectacularly) to see me tonight after not seeing them much all week I think I might have imploded.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Sorry to hear that. My wife lost her mum when she (my wife) was 15. Shit relationship with her Dad who told her he couldn’t cope with a kid and put her into fostering. Only 2 years ago she got back in touch with him but he passed away at the start of this year. Even though she had 20 odd years without a parent, the realisation that she was no longer a “daughter” hit her incredibly hard. No real point to this but you and your brothers have my deepest sympathies.

    Premier Icon Drac

    My deepest sympathies.

    Your the Dad now, time to pass the teachings, love and happiness that your parents gave you on to your 2 girls.


    just stand up and carry on somehow. this is what stw is for mate 🙂

    Drac – I hope to whatever god their may be that I can be half the parent my mum and dad were to me. Utterly devastated that my girls won’t ever remember either of them though. The rest I can swallow.

    Premier Icon maxray

    🙁 sorry to hear that m_f , a cliche but time is a healer, I haven’t lost parents yet but lost a new born and it will get easier. Be glad for the years you had with them.

    Premier Icon NZCol

    Even at forty-whatever-it-is that I am, I feel like a kid who has no-one to tell him what to do next.

    Same here, an odd feeling. Not much to say really other than don’t beat yourself up for feeling sad/angry/lost – it’s all part of it. Look at your kids and remember that they need you for all their learnings.

    She did look peaceful today though – clearly better than the confusion and pain she had recently.

    Premier Icon Drac

    There’s that too. At times death can be a blessing. Your kids will have your parents love passed on through you. I never knew my Dad’s dad but my Dad taught me things her learnt from him. And talked about him all the time, still does. My love of photography was partly inspired by photos from him as he was a photographer on the side.

    They will live on in your memories that you pass on.

    I feel like a kid who has no-one to tell him what to do next.

    Listen. Listen within yourself. Listen carefully.

    Yer mum will always be there, telling you what to do. Telling you off. All of that.

    She will. Always.

    Still, I feel for my kid brother – I have my wife and girls as does my ‘big’ brother. Paul has just himself. Ohhhhhh fuckarse.

    Right – **** off to bed… Head feels marginally clearer for this…

    Dad died 2.5 years ago, mum died earlier today (thanks lung cancer) just got back from the pub with my brothers, feeling shit, it was expected but still empty inside.

    Pass me wine…

    am sorry to hear that mf.my view is that energy doesn’t die it only changes form (from my limited grasp of physics) when i visit my grandparents at avebury church,they may not be physically here anymore,but i totally believe that they are here still.i wish you all the best mate.


    no pain for her now mf, she will allways be with you, if you dont believe me just wait till the next time you are about to do something you know is wrong.
    all the best man.

    Nothing I can say,nothing I can do. I’m sorry.

    some wise words from people on this thread.

    Time will help and will give you perspective. Be calm, be content, be accepting. It happens

    My condolences MF.

    don simon

    Serious bummer, my condolences to you and your family.
    Be strong.


    Sad news time will take the edge off, deep breath and be the best you can for your kids.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Condolences and all. But I had cause to think about this a few years ago. Parents never really die, they live on in their kids.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Shit news MF – try and take some time out to remind yourself of the good times.

    Premier Icon convert

    Bad news. We spoke a little on here about your mum back in Jan when my father learnt he had stage 4 lung cancer. I’m dreading what you are going through right now.

    Best of luck for the next few weeks.


    My condolences, mastiles_fanylion.

    Just shed the tear for you, can’t imagine the real awfulness of your situation. I wish I could say something intelligent and sensible bit all that’s coming out of my head is sadness.
    Give your little ones a kiss, a hug, another kiss, talk to them, even when they sleep. You’re a great father, make sure of that.
    I’ll lit up a candle for her.
    R.I.P. m_f’s Mum.


    Keep half an eye on your younger brother for a few months.


    Sorry to hear that.


    sorry for your loss mf

    it will be tough for a while, but your kids will provide you with a huge amount of consolation and give you a positive channel for your grief. Look after your brothers, and let them look after you too.

    Very much agreed buzz – have even touched on it with him. But he is a strong one and has good friends 🙂

    Deepest sympathies….

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