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  • deadlydarcy

    There have been compostable “plastic” bags available for ages that stop your kitchen caddy turning into a bio-hazard. (Some councils not keen on them though; Brizzle only started accepting them some time after introducing food waste collections.)


    So I’m not the world’s best recycler. I can just about managed cans and plastic bottles, but really can’t be arsed with the food waste bit. Had one of those little food waste bins but they always end-up looking like some bio-experiment gone wrong so rarely use it.
    Anyway last night was guiltily lobbing a few teabags in the bin, I thought what’s needed is some sort of paper bag, that would have to be slightly water resistant so as to not fall to bits. Then I could lob all the food waste in that would be the end of the problem.
    So, I thought I might look into it last night, but got distracted by talking porcupines on youtube (check em out) and forgot all about it.
    Just been outside this morning and found sat next to my recycling bin a little green plastic box, full of the paper bags exactly how I’d imagined them, and a leaflet from the council on how to use them.

    Off to the kitchen to make a tin-foil hat now as I’m slightly unnerved that the council has the technology to monitor my thoughts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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