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  • well done son or send him down.?
  • If they’ve got previous the driver should get a medal.


    Don’t know about you, but I am completely useless at fighting. Hopeless.

    I once found a man in my house who had decided that if the door pushed open it must be because there was something inside that belonged to him. I got sufficiently hyped up on adrenaline and projectile swearing that he understood that I wanted him to leave and he got out of the door fairly sharpish. I do not want to think too hard about what might have happened if he had not decided to beat a retreat. I would have felt entirely better about the situation if I had had something vaguely weapon-ish to hand while I was shouting at him.

    Don’t know, but I guess if I had to wallop someone while feeling that vulnerable, and by some astounding fluke they fell over, I would not have the courage and self-restraint to stop hitting them until they were quite clearly dead, to zombie movie standards of deadness, such that the head was completely detached and there was no possibility of them suddenly grabbing me by the ankle…




    one of my mates went downstairs to see if he had a burgler and got battered with a bat and left there. they still took what they wanted from downstairs but left his mrs alone up there (thats if they even realised she was there) but she hid for ages (dont blame her) after the noises stopped before coming down. which did my mate no good at all. i guess discretion is the better part of valour in many instances


    If someone is ‘in’ your house it should be all bets off, end of story.

    I doubt we know enough about what went on with the lorry driver. I’d put good money on his defence saying he was using the knife for its intended ‘sandwich’ purpose at the time it kicked off.

    I have no sympathy for any one injured while they are committing a crime, none at all. They should be ‘waxing’ the steps at the Police station for scum like this.


    I got attacked by two bikers one with a knife.

    I kicked the crap out of one while other was winded.

    They jumped on one bike-leaving one and sped off while harry Potter lookalike thank’d me-they tried to mug him and he ran behind me as I was trying to get to my date to invite me in for the night.

    They stabbed two other guys after that event just for their wallet. I was lucky; but they targetted small weaker ppl the coward robbers.

    No need is there.

    (I was young and dumb-probably give them wallet-it’s not worth dying for)


    I am led to believe that if someone is in your house and downstairs (assuming it has more than one floor) then you would be in a bit of bother if you beat them to death. But if someone is upstairs, they are presumed to mean you and/or your family harm and as such its open season.
    I personally think that the law needs to be changed to allow property owners more rights in defending themselves. It might make the thieving bar stewards think twice!


    I keep a Maglite 3 d-cell next to the bed in case of power cuts, they are fairly heavy though an if it was to get dropped on someones head I think it might hurt them…
    There are 4 people that know what happened in this incident, one of them is now an ex-alleged robber. If the bloke was acting in self defence fair dos, only problem is that people who make a living from this sort of activity will now go in a bit more heavy handed and it just ups the ante all round and can only end in tears.

    anyone see crimewatch last night ? the poor old fella that got battered .if his mrs could have stuck a knife in the burgler i guess she’d be doing hard time now instead of being confined to a home as her poor husband can no longer look after her ;-(

    still it gives the police something to do as the **** still havent been found yet ;-(

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