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  • Well done Boris.
  • That’s all.



    Shame he isn’t sticking to his guns and has more or less retracted it.

    Mr Johnson’s office later issued a statement saying he had been “quoted out of context” and was confident that negotiations would result in the reforms being introduced with “minimal problems” for London.
    “My consistent position has been that the government is absolutely right to reform the housing benefit system which has become completely unsustainable,” it said.
    “I do not agree with the wild accusations from defenders of the current system that reform will lead to social cleansing. It will not, and if you listened carefully to what I said, no such exodus will take place on my watch.
    “But the point I was making this morning is that London has specific needs due to the exceptional way in which the housing market works in the capital and it is my job as mayor to make the government aware of these.”

    He must ride a fixie to back pedal that good 😉

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    Shades of Shirley Porter.

    Although, I am curious about this (my bold).

    According to government figures, 21,000 people will be affected by new caps on the amount families can claim for five, four, three, two and one-bed room properties across the UK including 17,000 in London, the majority of whom are out of work.

    If you’re reliant on the welfare state for housing and income, shouldn’t you have to make some compromise- perhaps on where you live? I’m not talking about moving folk up north or something, just to somewhere a little cheaper in London.

    Not a troll- I’d like to hear the argument here.

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    He’s made the point though.

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    Do you think Boris reads STW?

    A few posts down on this page:

    Did it wedge the idea in his blonde but special cranium?


    Are you implying that I’m putting idea’s into the blonde bimbos head?

    Boris, next time you’re visiting a bus station to see one of your new routemasters 🙄 throw yourself in front of it, just to see how well it brakes like.


    there are about 3 or 4 families of career doley scummers living on my street, I’d be very happy if they couldn’t afford to live here anymore

    I’m sure they’d like it if you moved out too, Bakes… 😉

    Bakes you make me feel proud to be British. I’m being sarcastic.

    ahh why bother.


    Would you like it if their dogs shit on your doorstep, that they dealed drugs on your street, that they crashed their scooters into your car, that they threw fireworks into the children’s play area, that they made lewd remarks to your missus?
    should a ‘british’ person want to live next to these people?

    Ahh, why bother

    Oh don’t give up bakes……..I’m still trying to figure out the answer 😕


    💡 I know.

    Is it : “No……. only foreigners should want to live next to these people”

    Is that it ?

    They should bloody well move to Kosovo.

    Kosovo wasn’t properly cleansed Deadly. So a rather daft suggestion. If you don’t mind me saying.

    If you listen to what Boris said he was indeed then quoted out of context. It was a political gaff on his aprt to allow that to happen. He no more gives a **** about poor people than Dave or George.

    Brakes you should not have to put up with crepe from anyone, however neither should the majority of well behaved and law abiding benefit calimants have to put up with being portrayed as scum etc. Regrettably the current economic situation makes it less likely that you will have any recourse rather than your situation being improved.

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