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  • Welding Pannier Eyelets… Is It Realistic
  • Steel or alloy frame? Much simpler with a steel frame to repair it. I would have the repair done by someone who specialises in bicycle frames – rather more delicate than the usual stuff welders do


    no it is a bank holiday 😉
    Assuming steel frame should be easy enough to do this.
    Possibly use a seat post mounted version?


    The problem with a simple weld is the heat involved will burn the paint and if the frame is anything other than steel ,involves more proffesional approach than a garage may be able to offer.

    Look up your local frame builder would be my suggestion ,at least for knowledgeable advice.


    I don't know anything about welding, so this may be a dumb question…

    One of the eyelets that my panniers were screwed into snapped off the frame on my way home today. If it's a simple job, it may be easier to get the eyelet welded back on than to faff around stripping my frame down and trying to get it replaced/warrantied. It also seems crazy to waste the remains of a good frame over a small thing, but I need to carry stuff in panniers.

    Any thoughts on what I should do with it (and where would be able to do a decent job)?

    Searching through old threads, a car garage might be able to sort it so I could try that on Monday.


    Uh huh. Thanks for your thoughts, guys. Like you, I was thinking it might be quite a delicate job so I'll investigate what frame builders are around (W London).

    The frame is steel so hopefully it should be possible!

    No chance of a seatpost rack, BTW. I do carry some heavy-ish loads sometimes (shopping is the heaviest, especially when it involves beer).

    liquid metal/chemical metal halfrauds??

    where in london are you?? i know of a frame builder in croydon (roberts cycles)

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    It would normally be brazed on not welded on.


    What about a p-clip?


    I'm not keen on DIY for this one. I don't think I'd be able to get it strong enough and properly aligned. Roberts are worth a call, though. I never knew where they were based and it's not too long a ride over there from Hampton.

    Definitely no to p-clips, it's the eyelet down at the dropout 🙁


    Is it like a rivnut? That might not have been welded into the frame.

    Otherwise I'd get it warrantied if you can – whole lot of hassle & expense to get a repair that may not be up to it, void your warranty, knacker the paint…


    hope that helps.

    i have had work done there from dent removal to total resprays and have always been top notch!! and resonably priced


    They are brazed on. Try welding to a dropout and it'll crack along the weld *sometime* later. I tried this when a dropout cracked on one of my steel bikes.

    I can't understand why you can't use a p clip on each seat stay just above the dropouts?

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    As others have said: try a P-clip

    My commuter ran a P-clip for years with no problems.

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