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  • Weird House Going Ons……
  • Thrustyjust
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    Now, getting this straight. Not a real believer in paranormal, but we have had some weird stuff going on in the house and has progressed quite a bit in the last few days. I know tomorrow will be the 28th year that the old man passed, but no idea if the link is there. We cant explain anything else.
    Yesterday morning, my bedside light turned itself on. It is one of those touch lights. Wife was in bed and saw it come on and increased its brightness, then turn off.
    Yesterday while in the garage, when sanding the frame, there was a bang and I found a new code reader, which I am sure was safe on the bench , end up on the floor. It could have fallen at any time but chose to do this when I just walked in the door. I hadnt been over to the bench to disturb anything.
    Then this morning, I went to the airing cupboard to put the hot water on and saw my bedside light come back on again and light up, except this time it didnt turn off.
    In another weird thing, my border is being really close to me in the last couple of days and seems on edge a bit and restless.
    It almost creates a weird ambiance in the house. Not a bad one, just a strange one.
    Like I said, I am on the fence on anything regarding spiritual shizzle, but we have had things happen we cant explain but we have had a few more instance than usual just this weekend, to make us talk to friends about it.
    Anyone else had similar stuff, pre drugs ? 🙂

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    Those touch sensitive lights are really sensitive to loads of things. I had to take one back because it kept turning on at random times, I assume it was something to do with the internal electrical gubbins rather than the paranormal. I think they effectively “always on” as they don’t have a physical switch. As for the code reader, I assume you opening a door or walking on the floor disturbed it enough to fall off.

    No idea about the dog I’m afraid.

    Or maybe it’s you who should be afraid…..

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    Your lamp is faulty. The code reader wasn’t on the bench properly. Your dog is sensing your unease.

    Obviously the more likely explanation is that your house was built on a native American burial ground. Try killing the dog and burying it in the garden, see if it returns to life.

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    Don’t go into the light (lamp)

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    I had a feeling we maybe going this route 🙂 and happy with that.
    Bench is at the far side of the garage, so wouldnt have disturbed it.
    Need to grow some weird mushrooms in the garden to help me see more

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    Not a real believer in paranormal

    Yet as soon as something unusual happens you think something paranormal could be happening rather than think of logical, scientific explanations.
    You’re a modern example of how humans developed mythical beliefs and religion, because you need a single answer, even if the answer is ghosts, witches and wizards.
    See ‘cognitive closure’

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    I reckon it’s old man Flint from the fairground, and he’d have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.

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    Happy to believe in the paranormal, my dad carried out an exorcism on some houses that had been built on a saxon burial ground, newsagents had a poltergeist chucking stuff around (c15th century building) & I’ve had an eery feeling with some floor boards creeking in a student house – thought it was someone just outside my bedroom door but turned out the only boards that creeked were inside my bedroom 😬 relax and embrace the spirit is my advice

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    I been watching “ haunted hospitals “ past few eveinings , certainly some weird stuff going on around us … other eve the wife was out running and felt a push on her shoulder from the front , no one around she not spooked just curious who could be

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    Last night I found Mrs. S on kneeling on the bottom stair. A glass and a can of coke were on their sides on the floor.
    I said “what are you doing?”

    Her reply surprised and disturbed me in equal measure:

    “Something kicked me in the back.”

    We’d had a couple of wines but she wasn’t pissed.
    She was really upset by it and wouldn’t discuss it this morning.

    She’s had multiple surgeries for prolapsed discs in lumbar and sacral spine.
    I suggested maybe something had “gone.” But she has no symptoms.

    Very, very odd.

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