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  • Weird HiFi electrical issue…
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    I have an NAD Phono Pre Amp and the right hand channel kept dropping out and eventually stopped working. So I sent it back for repair but they sent out a new one earlier this week.

    I plugged this one in and it did exactly the same – worked for a few mins then right hand channel dropped out.

    I know the amp and turntable are OK as I have a cheap Behringer one too and all worked fine with that.

    So while I was fiddling with the NAD pre amp I unplugged it slightly – and it all started working again.

    If it leave it a few mm out of the plug socket it all works fine! Why would that be? A problem with the house wiring (possibly earth), or just one of those random things.


    Problem with that particular cable and the amp plug? Have you tried a different cable?


    Do you mean the power socket or audio? If power, then something to do with grounding? As above, have you tried a different cable?

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    Sorry – the power socket where you plug the transformer into the wall.

    This is a brand new unit (so new transformer), and the problem is the same.


    Sounds like the electricity in the cable is getting twisted. You are remembering to run a record backwards every so often to untwist??


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    You are remembering to run a record backwards every so often to untwist??

    Tried that with an Ozzy Osbourne record once – didn’t end well.

    Loose connection inside the wall socket? Or a broken wall socket.

    Time for a new one possibly (or just test the transformer on another socket.)

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    This’ll do it;

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    Loose connection on the arm cable or at the cart? Intermittent cable issues are a pig. Best advice would be to connect all and get working, then wiggle signal connections. Obviously you can’t do this at the cart end without tweezers!


    Get an extension lead and plug the system into different sockets/circuits around the house
    I don’t know why this is happening on one channel and not the other
    Some computer-specific sockets/circuits have a different earthing arrangement, but they’re unusual in a house and I’d imagine that you’d know if that was the case

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    my guess wouldbe an earthing / screening fault

    Tried a directional cable?

    It sounds like an earth problem with the socket, and the socket itself.

    The earth pin is longest on UK plugs, and is the first to make contact when the plug is inserted. When you pull it slightly away, you’re either:
    a)disconnecting the earth but leaving live and neutral connected, or-
    b)connecting the earth

    No way to tell unless you get the plate off the socket and check. I’d be more concerned with getting this fixed than the amp tbh, do this first.

    But as others have suggested, a good test that the amp is sound would be running an extension cord to it from another, distant socket.

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