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  • Weird electrical problem when moving seat rear interior light comes on…
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    .as title

    Car is a Volvo C70 2007

    when moving the electronic seat the left hand passenger light illuminates very dimly, if you switch light off or remove the bulb the seat won’t power !
    Same as when you lift the sun visor mirror, the seat won’t move unless the flap is down.

    im guessing it’s a short or ground problem ???

    anyone had the same or know of a fix ???

    thanks in advance

    Premier Icon qwerty
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    You move the seat back and the interior light comes on?

    Is it a dogging option?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    There’s usually a set of wires and connector under the seat.

    I’d start by ensuring that’s clean and fully connected.


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    I suggest a bad earth connection. Several wires go to the same earthing bolt, and are in contact with each other but bad contact to the car. The current is supposed to flow through the bodywork, but instead it flows ‘backwards’ through the other components on the same earth.

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