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  • Weihrauch or Air Arms? HFT newbie.
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    My old Original 35 (nearly 40 years old now 😐 ) is apparently too far gone for yet another rebuild, so I’m looking for a replacement.

    Have moved recently and no longer have any local permission in place for hunting.

    So, thinking of joining the local shooting club and trying a bit of HFT, but not sure of which gun to go for:
    Don’t really want a PCP – have tried a few and whilst I really appreciate the accuracy I find them a bit boring to use.

    Have narrowed it down to either an Air Arms TX/Pro Sport or one of the Weihrauch’s – a 97/77 variant, or possibly a 98/95/80, maybe even a new 35 :D.

    In all honesty, I’d prefer a Weihrauch break barrel, but I’m aware that they’ve had a few quality problems recently & I’m not sure if
    a break barrel rifle would be up to modern HFT?

    So, Weihrauch, probably with a V-Mach kit, or an Air Arms?

    Oh, nearly forgot, any recommendations for a nice scope for HFT would be much appreciated.

    All advice appreciated.

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    I think you would get a better response from the airgun bbs forum.

    I used to compete at hft events for a few years with a tuned hw77 and a venom cobra. Both very nice to use but if you can shoot then it doesn’t really matter what you buy.
    Try a few and see how you get on, would be my suggestion as fit and balance of the air airman to HW range will vairy greatly.

    Try a theoben scirocco or Fenman, they have an appreciably faster lock time – which I enjoyed.

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    IMHO, there’s too much emphasis on kit and not enough on actual skill (a bit like MTB, really). Get on the range/garden/private land with permission and get as much lead downrange as possible at different, random distances.

    I had 2 a BSA lightning with a 3-9×40, but as soon as I got an AA S200 with 6-24×44, I hardly used the BSA (AA later replaced by a BSA Hornet with 4-14×50). I pretty mugh always shot using the lowest mag on the scope when hunting and with HFT, you can’t touch the twiddly bits on the scope anyway.

    PCP shooting ‘can’ be boring, but it’s one thing popping pellet on pellet at 30 yards from a bench rest and another thing altogether being able to do it standing/prone/kneeling when you don’t know the range.

    I sold the PCP to by a turbo enginge for my old Tomcat, but still have the Lightning, though now it has a Tasco 1×30 red dot on it.

    b r

    Not sure where you are, but our local shop had a s/h Weihrauch break-barrel in late last year along with other rifles (plus new too). And based on them also having a ‘range’ out back, folk can test them all.

    Is there a shop near you to do the same?


    I’ve not heard about the latest Weihrauch QC issues, but a prudent shooter will be stripping and rebuilding his air rifle before use anyway (and tweaking/lubing as needed – tons of guides on the web).

    I’ve always heard Weihrauch gets the nod on AA quality wise, but only by a gnats hair.

    As to fixed or break barrel, you really need to try both out somewhere (club/shop as suggested). I played with a AA TX 200 HC once. OMG, the balance and feel were superb. That said, I do prefer break barrels.


    I found PCP shooting extremely boring too. Sold My S10 to get a Lightning XL tactical. I currently have no guns but if I ever bought again, it would be an under-lever Weihrauch, most likely a 97k. The most accurate gun I have ever used (with RWS Superdomes .22). Had a 77 too years ago, also very good, but would recommend the 97 without hesitation.

    RS – if you don’t fancy the PCP route then I would suggest an Air Arms TX200HC. Great looking gun, built to last and very consistent and accurate (if you do your bit).


    I Have a TX200hc its a nice gun, dead easy to work on, and very accurate…having said that, a well tuned Weihrauch is a joy to shoot..get to a local club and try a few..

    Scope wise, I have the Viper 10×44, its fine for hft..


    I have an AA S200 and love it….. other than that I’m of no use, sorry 🙁

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