Weight of your steel hardtail

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  • Weight of your steel hardtail
  • Bumhands

    Like to know what the weight of your built up steel hardtail is?

    Interested to see the average.


    Dialled Alpine, hopefully this list appears as it should.

    [*]Frame Dialled Bikes Alpine 17/22 2565 5.65
    Fork Rock Shox Pike 426 2435 5.37
    Headset FSA Orbit MX 97 0.21
    Saddle SDG Bel Air Titanium 284 0.63
    Seatpost Chromag Minimalist 27.2 x 410 240 0.53
    Seat Collar Chromag Brass 50 0.11
    Handlebar Sunline V1 277 0.61
    Stem Thomson Elite X4 176 0.39
    Grips Lock-on with straitline end caps 128 0.28
    Pedals DMR V12 Mag 444 0.98
    Bottom Bracket Hone Bottom Bracket 96 0.21
    Cranks Hone Non-Drive Side Crank Arm 228 0.50
    Cranks Hone Drive Side Crank Arm 395 0.87
    Cranks Hone Middle Ring 43 0.09
    Cranks Straitline Bash Guard 123 0.27
    Cranks Gamut Chainguide 121 0.27
    Cranks 4 Crank Bolts 12 0.03
    Chain SRAM PC 971 286 0.63
    cassette Shimano XT 295 0.65
    Rear Mech SRAM X9 235 0.52
    Rear Shifter SRAM X7 200 0.44
    front wheel Sun SOS Rim on Spesh Stout 20mm Hub 942 2.08
    front tire Maxxis High Roller 2.35 ST 830 1.83
    front tube 200 0.44
    front rotor Aztec 203mm 200 0.44
    rear wheel Sun SOS Rim on Shimano Hub 1150 2.54
    rear tire Maxxis High Roller 2.35 ST 830 1.83
    rear tube 200 0.44
    rear rotor Aztec 203mm 200 0.44
    Front Brake Avid Juicy 3 260 0.57
    Rear Brake Avid Juicy 3 335 0.74
    Whole Bike 13877 30.59[/*]

    oh well, first number weight in grams, last number weight in lbs

    Premier Icon GavinB

    Nice bike, but you really need to get out more!


    Premier Icon househusband

    21.80 lbs

    Crikey – what frame/kit?


    Nice bike, but you really need to get out more!

    Its cool, i get out plenty, just when i was stripping my old bike and cleaning the parts to swap over to the new frame I figured I might as well weigh everything. I ain’t no weight weenie but its good to know what everything weighs when considering upgrades.


    Cotic Simple πŸ™‚

    Pace RC31 forks
    WI cranks
    SLR saddle
    Easton Bars
    Bontrager xxx post
    DT/Mavic front wheel.


    My bike weighs…erm. Its heavy.

    Dialled Alpine.

    I think 27lb for a Charge Duster. Mostly XC kit (Rebas, old XTR cranks, new XTR hubs) but with some bigger rims and tyres (819s with a 2.2 Rubber Queen and 2.25 ADvantage)


    Cove Handjob in Medium with Rev 426’s Mavic Crossrides, Raceface Evolve/Deus cranks & finishing kit, LX drive train

    26-27lbs, nice


    Around 27lb….Inbred 853 (Revs, XT, 719s on XT wheels, Thomson/RF finishing kit)


    About 25lbs with pedals.

    Inbred 853 with American Classic Wheels, Magura Menjas, XTR cranks, X9 gears, KCNC stem, look pedals, Kone carbon I-beam seat post + saddle and those on-one wood grip thingies.


    My 456 (built with bits that work and won’t break) weighs about 30lbs.


    15″ Orange P7 around 27lbs

    Solitude 29er (4.52lbs frame only) drop bar singlespeed with On-One carbon forks, Phil Wood / DT TK7.1 rims, WTB tyres, Thudbuster post and other reliable but not really light kit = @27lbs Designed for all day / multi day rides with bivvi kit (another 10-15lbs) and minimal maintenance.

    OS Bikes Blackbuck 29er EBB (5.4lbs frame only) with Juicy 7’s, Mav SC32’s, Hope SS hub / DT X470 rims, WTB Exiwolf / Stout tyres with slime tubes, Mary bars, CC Thudbuster post, cheap Race Face cranks @29lbs ish Designed as my hooligan bike for messing about on, ie 3-4hr rides with the club in the Cotswolds / FoD.

    I know I could get them lighter but only at a cost (financial, reliability, maintenance) and TBH I would not ride any better πŸ™‚



    I think the Bontrager is around 25lbs, depends on tyres, i can get it down to 24.5lb with faster tyres.

    Premier Icon Simon

    My 456 was around 31.5lbs last time I weighed it, but it’s got lighter wheels on now.


    No idea, about the same as a 4-5″ full susser. 456, built for durability.


    My large Cotic Soul with Fox Talas forks, Thomson and Easton Ea70 bits, On-one wheels and a mix of LX and XT elsewhere weighs about 27.5 lbs.

    Dialled PA – medium
    Magura Menja 130 forks
    Mavic 721s on ProII hubs
    SLX cranks

    28lbs on bathroom scales

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    456 summer season, proper tough built up for my extra lard as well as riding style.


    20″ Summer Season frame, Mavic 729 rims, Neveral 2.35’s Ghetto’d
    chris king rear hub, superstar fromt hub, coil pikes, thompson post Bel air Ti saddle Deore brakes, XTR rear mech, XT front mech, Stylo chainset and external BB with large cog replaced with a bash ring, Welgo Mag pedals.

    Weighty for a hard tail. Hopefully someone will prove my scales are out in which care I don’t need to diet!


    30lbs for a hard tail!!!

    My Nomad only weighs 3lbs more!!!


    22.2 lbs.Strangely both the 29er (Kona Unit) and the 20″(standard 250l).But the standard frame is a pound lighter than the kona.But then the standard has a lifetime GUARANTEE!!!Go figure.

    Mister P

    Light enough to get up hill and heavy enough to get down again. I will weigh it properly tommorrow when it is clean.


    30lbs for a hard tail!!!

    My Nomad only weighs 3lbs more!!

    Yes but your frame will disintegrate and your wheels will fall off if you lay it down the wrong way πŸ˜€


    (Depending on tyre choice)

    24.33lbs (11.06kg) on the digital shop scales

    Inbred, Marzocchi Marathon Race 80mm, XC717/Hope Mono/DT Revolution wheels, SRAM Attack/LX/XT gears, Stylo chainset, V-brakes, SLR XC saddle etc….

    About 30lb 456, pike airs, crossmax xls, e 13 drs, xt cranks, deore brakes and rear mech, ea50 bars and post, vice stem.

    My 16in 456 with Nixons and dt5.1’s is 28.8lbs
    My 19in 5Spot with Pikes and stans flow’s is 29.6lbs


    Thorn Catalyst around 32 pounds. Rohloff, Magura Oder forks and a Son Dynohub don’t make for a light bike when you start with a steel frame built for durability. I only weigh a hundred pounds more than it myself. I don’t find the weight an issue for most of my riding which is usually under two hours but by the end of a three hour ride on Friday the final hill, the steepest of the ride, was hard. Long term plan is to get a Van Nicholas Zion Rohloff frame and try to lose a bit of weight with that and a few component upgrades. In an ideal world I’d like a 25lb Rohloff equipped hardtail.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    why when I view this thread is the page set-up different?

    Premier Icon Simon

    I dunno, same for me. First post normal, all the others are smaller font.

    Premier Icon P20

    Just under 22lb as it is, but granted its not got sus forks 8)


    does anybody on this thread know where i can get some accurate scales?

    thought not. πŸ™‚


    vortex, possibily as it was posted from an iPhone.

    MOJO K

    My Summer Season was at 29.5 (shop scale)with the on-one wheels and finishing kit, revelation, and mountain king 2.4s. I’ve owned 22lb racing bikes, just not my thing anymore.

    Premier Icon Nickquinn293

    Cove H/J – Average build (XT, Hope, Fox Vanilla forks)

    27 lbs(ish)


    OP, be pleased to know your FSA headset is lighter than King’s Β£110 offering πŸ™‚

    (presuming that includes topcap/bolt and star fangled nut)

    I’m hoping to break the magical 10kg when my Simple arrives in June.

    SLR, Olympic Rims/rev spokes, Easton ec/ea90, XTR, Chris King, Mini X2 Pro, Racing Ralphs, foam grips ;-)……

    Not sure if it will, but here’s hoping.

    456 Summer – currently 32lbs.
    Scott Octane (wife’s) – 29lbs (full sus).
    Unknown make steel hardtail – 16lbs (missing drivetrain and brakes).
    Appollo hybrid – 26lbs.


    mine is about 25lbs.

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