Weekly photo challenge. 5.8.13 – 11.8.13 – Earth Moving Plant

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  • Weekly photo challenge. 5.8.13 – 11.8.13 – Earth Moving Plant
  • Bulldozers, dump trucks, graders, the bigger the better.

    The rules;
    1. Take a photo of your bike with something that matches the theme in the picture.
    2. Interpret the theme any way you like.
    3. Pictures should be taken between the dates in the topic title.
    4. If you post a picture you can either suggest a theme for next weeks challenge or vote for someone else’s suggestion. First suggestion to get two supporting votes becomes next weeks theme, probably.


    not very big I’m afraid.. but this concrete bmx/skate park was happily the second site I passed today where extensive engineering projects were being undertaken in the interest of improving cycling facilities..

    the other was a site where construction was underway on a very large purpose built and very permanent bridge to carry cyclists on Sustrans route 2 over the tidal Culm without having to navigate near to any ‘orrible dirty and dangerous motor vehicles..

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    My pic doesn’t comply wi #3 as it’s back in 2006 but it’s definitely classed as “Earth Moving Plant” so what the hell, i’ll include it – taken at our local quarry where i used to have a 50ft chute down a very sheer slope with a smooth transition into and out of before they blew up the side of the hill for hardcore. The chute was pretty sheer as my wheels barely touched the surface till i started to contact the transition, i doubt i’d have to balls to ride anything similar these days.

    As a theme wot about “stuff i used to ride but these days i’m a wuss”


    For quite a while now this building site has been a nice little shortcut on my rides to and from work….
    Took these on my way back tonight.

    I’ve not been following these threads long, but have we had “tenuous links” relating bike make model etc to pictured surroundings ?


    Ok, this was an easy one for me as there’s a new road going in not especially far away.

    Annoyingly that was as close as I got to a parked truck – the plan was to wait until the big trucks had stopped for the night, then get a cheeky ride along the new road cutting trail once they’d all gone home – then go up and have a proper look at the (parked up) trucks / excavators (like the small boys we are).

    We hung about for a bit, but it didn’t ever go quiet – once the big trucks stopped, service trucks / pickups then appeared all over the place, so we gave up. Whilst just chatting (as you do) I was told that one of the diggers on site was capable of filling a mover in five bucket loads. 😯

    Next week: Service trucks / pickups Hedgerow Fruits ?

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    [/url] Untitled by santarocky, on Flickr[/img]

    Up until about a month ago there used to be a Methodist Church on this site.

    [/url] Untitled by santarocky, on Flickr[/img]

    [/url] Untitled by santarocky, on Flickr[/img]

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