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  • Weekly photo challenge. 26.8.13 – 1.9.13 – Change
  • Ermm, bending the rules a bit here – sorry!
    Originally I was going to go down and get this pic. for the “commemarative plaques” a while ago but I forgot so I thought I’d do it for the “forgotten things” but I got in tonight and saw that was last week (doh!)
    The plaque above the window commemorates the site of the discovery of the element Titanium, the bike is Titanium (could have gone in “tenuous links” too 😕 )

    IMG_0154 by billyboulders@btinternet.com, on Flickr

    Looks like the date at the bottom has been changed though so it can still go in 😀

    IMG_0155 by billyboulders@btinternet.com, on Flickr

    Next week, bikes in beer gardens?

    I normally try and give a couple of examples, but this one’s got me baffled. I’m sure you’ll think of something.

    The rules;
    1. Take a photo of your bike with something that matches the theme in the picture.
    2. Interpret the theme any way you like.
    3. Pictures should be taken between the dates in the topic title.
    4. If you post a picture you can either suggest a theme for next weeks challenge or vote for someone else’s suggestion. First suggestion to get two supporting votes becomes next weeks theme, probably.

    Thanks for posting that Billy. By coincidence, I’ve been to hospital today with Mrs MTG for her to have a screw removed from one of the titanium rods in her legs.
    I assumed they used titanium for its weight, strength and corrosion resistance, but I wasn’t aware it actually bonded to the bone.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    From night to day…

    P1000548 by ScotRoutes, on Flickr

    MTG – 😀 By osseointegration apparently. Get well soon Mrs. MTG.

    Lovely photo scotroutes.


    Well the Lidl bag’s changed location from last week’s photo challenge, having moved over a crossroads and a little bit down a hill towards a river. It’s probably heading South to its winter feeding grounds just like the flying formations of geese and the swallows collecting on phone lines that I also saw on my ride into work this morning.

    Hmmmmm, change, change, change …..change of location, change of seasons, change back into longer cycling shorts to keep the winter mud off my knees. It’s all happening…..

    Lidl Bit Further Down the Road by Slugwash, on Flickr

    How about shortcuts for next week’s theme?


    Incoming …
    This’ll bring a change.

    “Shortcuts” sounds like it’s got potential for next week.
    (Hmm, I wonder what are the tides are like 😉 ).


    Fire and a sing song on the beach a couple of evenings back to celebrate Dee’s birthday, I drank a bottle of white wine for a change..

    You can just see my bike lurking at the back of the shot

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    No pics to add but those Ti facts are AWSUMS.
    Thanks for sharing them.

    Premier Icon GRAEMEJONES

    In the space of a month or so this has changed from a clear path into a proper ” bar snagger” 😛

    [/url] overgrown path by santarocky, on Flickr[/img]

    For next week, how about , the old and the new ?


    Actually took a couple of pics today. A few types of change – first is that I rode my hardtail for the first time in ages, made me realise I don’t really get on with them any more – just feels so unbalanced. Maybe just need a harder spring in the forks. Other change is that I actually rode some singletrack for once rather than DH.

    And the other type of change – 2 seatposts/seats for different types of riding 😛

    and it’s a Chameleon so change is an appropriate topic!


    unsure if this will work as never posted a pic on here off my phone


    Can’t believe I got my suggestion in and could not post due to injury.

    I will third shortcuts,
    And try and get out this week.

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