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  • Weekly photo challenge. 24.6.13 – 30.6.13 – Milestones
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    oops, just saw its from the 24th, I blame Graham for posting the thread a day early :mrgreen:

    I usually try to post on Sunday night, rather than risk forgetting and posting late.

    A bit more information on milestones. I should have guessed there would be a Milestone Society. How very British.
    Looks like we’ve got about 9000 to choose from.


    Would being parked outside someone’s 50 th Birthday party count as you didn’t specify type of milestones. :mrgreen:

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    dibboid, won’t they let you in?

    Milestones this week.
    They are more common than you might think. If you look for MS on your local OS map, you may find you regularly ride or drive past one, unaware that it’s hidden in the undergrowth.

    The rules;
    1. Take a photo of your bike with something that matches the theme in the picture.
    2. Interpret the theme any way you like.
    3. Pictures should be taken between the dates in the topic title.
    4. If you post a picture you can either suggest a theme for next weeks challenge or vote for someone else’s suggestion. First suggestion to get two supporting votes becomes next weeks theme, probably.


    This one is just down the road from work and somebody clearly cares for it a lot. Perhaps they’re glad to be so close/far from Totnes?


    It’s from 1700 odd and is grade II listed;

    From here;

    Name: MILESTONE AT SX 8846 5627
    List entry Number: 1218422
    The building may lie within the boundary of more than one authority.
    County District District Type Parish
    Torbay Unitary Authority
    National Park: Not applicable to this List entry.
    Grade: II
    Date first listed: 18-Oct-1993
    Date of most recent amendment: Not applicable to this List entry.


    Found another on the way home…


    I’ve had contact with the Milestone Society of late, about a couple of stones, and they have been really helpful, knowledgeable, friendly people, with a real interest in preserving these markers.

    Their website becomes (subjectively) more interesting the more you poke about looking. There is a huge amount of work contained therein, and I can feel myself slowly becoming ever more drawn in … 😯

    … anyway, bike picture(s) to follow later this week.

    @Ontor – the first one is not too far from the former home of Robert Graves too (there’s a blue-plaque on the wall of Vale House). Galmpton does keep itself pretty tidy.


    This morning’s commute


    This is a Grade II listed ‘Guide Post’ that dates from the early nineteenth century. Ironic that it comes from a time before cars and yet it now finds itself located next to the north’s premier dogging hotspot! Anyway, if the images are slightly blurred its because i was keen for a sharp exit! 😯

    The condition of the post isn’t brilliant – Belmont and Chorley to the left; Darwen and Blackburn to the right. Bolton is back away across the road.

    Got to say that the ‘Mile Post’ directory brought me in mind of one of similar geekyness for Trig Points. How about that for next week – or have you done that?

    Their website is here

    crispy bacon

    Did a slight detour on the home commute tonight to take a snap of this milestone in our small Cornish town, Callington (home of the Ginsters pasty factory).

    This to is a Grade 2 listed milestone.

    For the youngsters/yoofs on STW a Furlong is one-eighth of a mile, equivalent to 220 yards, 660 feet, 40 rods, or 10 chains …. one furlong is exactly 201.168 metres 🙂

    Another vote for Trig points for next week.

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    Not found any milestones made of stone, only some Iron ones 😳

    [/url] image by santarocky, on Flickr[/img]

    [/url] image by santarocky, on Flickr[/img]


    This last one is a guide stone apparently. I have no idea what the difference is.

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    Last minute entry from me – almost forgot this week

    Milestones by S1mmy1, on Flickr


    There should be at least four more along the A381, but I couldn’t find them. The hedges are pretty dense, so maybe they are in there, just hiding. Ontor’s post up the page reminded me of another one in the same kinda area, so that gets a second look-in here too.


    @OCB – Too late – already bagged that one 🙂

    As we’re always in the same area – Fancy a pint/spin/both sometime?


    And another from up the road…


    I need to start joinging in these. Is there one a week?

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