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  • bikebouy

    Roadie in that there North Yorkshire, meeting up with a fellow club member whose moved up this way so when I’m here in deepest Harrogate I’ve got someone to play with.

    Roll on 1pm when I’m ooooooot’a ere’, lyke lad, ay up, whippets, flat caps, range rover sports n all that kind of thing dear fellow.


    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Got the Leek CC “Legbreaker” coming up in a couple of weeks, so need to get some hilly road miles in. Might wash my (filthy) mountain bike after last weekend’s mucky Llandegla trip and then look at it longingly.


    Gonna shoot to the wyre forest at some point on Saturday, have ridden locally twice and ran three times but got itchy feet to get back to the forest so will be there no matter the conditions!

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    Running errands around town using my new(old) cyclocross bike to get used to SPD’s on both Saturday and Sunday

    Weather dependant I’ll ride Monday. May jump a couple of trains to get to Hebden for a loop I’ve got there. Need to expunge my last ride in Hebden with terrible tyres that I’ve now replaced

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Hopefully Cannock off piste tomorrow morning and the Long Mynd on Sunday.

    A lot of this depends on being able to bleed my brakes, had a go at the rear last night and it’s still pretty spongy and coming back almost to the bars.

    Painting the bathroom Monday, but will get out for a road ride at some point.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    MTB in the Lakes tomorrow and then a lakes road ride on Sunday. Hills, Hills and more bloody Hills

    Monday will be recovering 🙄

    Premier Icon Drac

    Set off first thing tomorrow morning for a few days on the West Coast of Scotland full family affair so no bikes.


    Sat – couple of hours on the Roadie or a local Macc Forest blast on the MTB
    Sun – Not sure yet, maybe Rivington or Hope on the MTB
    Mon – No riding so off to the Beach (weather permitting)

    Premier Icon scandal42

    Long Mynd with Fathomer on Sunday In reckon.

    Meanwhile I have some new (to me) forks arriving today for a bit of an experiment, how exciting.

    Premier Icon colin9

    Epic Dartmoor ride on Saturday, casual road spin on Sunday.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Beach riding in north wales

    In-laws are here for the weekend so no doubt I will be sitting around grumpy wishing I was out on the bike instead of crappy small talk.


    I’m planning a solo local ride tonight, mix of woods, roads, bridleways and dirt tracks followed by some tinnies and TV. I’ve not been out on 2 wheels for over a week so I’ve been climbing the walls to get out. Then planning a ride on Sunday morning with my mate, starting through the woods and then pretty much all rural roads & a big long ncn to Stafford and getting the train back. Tonight’s ride will be about 20 mile then sunday’s will be about 40 so a good mix and will hopefully slake my riding thirst.

    Where’s everyone else riding this weekend?


    Dig day on Saturday which finishes in the pub,
    Short 3 hour play about in the woods on Sunday morning – finishing in the pub,
    40km XC burial on Monday which is also likely to be crowned with a trip to the pub.

    God I love a bank holiday 8)

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    early morning MTB tomorrow then over to the father in laws to test his new outdoor hut tub. Wife is pregnant too so i’ll be on the beers in the tub 🙂


    Work… 🙁

    Got a 50 mile road loop in my head for tomorrow morning, then 20 miles or so on the MTB on Sunday. If I can be arsed on Monday, probably another MTB jaunt. No available pals this weekend, so going solo, good thinking time, but not as fun.

    Premier Icon ads678

    Probably Greno/Warnecliffe at some point to test ride my potential new (second hand off a mate) bike. It’s already passed the ‘up and down the street jumping up an down kerbs’ test for size, I reckon it’s in the bag!! 😀

    No Forks
    No shock
    No freehub
    No grips
    No mountainbiking for me, probably take the BMX to the pump/BMX track if it stays dry.
    And I’ve been off work all week!


    few runs at Greno this evening followed by chips and pints outside the red lion. quick blast over cutgate tomorrow morning followed by watching the mighty wales gallantly lose to ireland, softening the blow with conciliatory beers. sun / mon back to the folks to take the old man for an airing over the stiperstones and eastridge – beers required to survive time with family


    Off to Houghton Forest in a hour or so, meet up with a pal see if we can find some of the single track there then SDW to Amberley Mount then weave the way back home and off to the “Shop” for beer and curry.


    No mountain-biking for me as my drivetrain has been ground into an unrideable state, I will however be carefully considering what i will be ordering to get it working again.

    Instead it will be a cx frenzy assuming my current man-flu does one. Probably a bit of cx-race practise tomorrow, lots of running up steep banks carrying my bike. Then might go for a spin with my wife on Sunday. Main event will be sunday: long, most of the day, cx ride somewhere.

    Muddy run tonight, Going Ape tomorrow, Dales Bike Centre (hopefully they have some maps we can purchase) Sunday then maybe some skating Monday if the weather’s ok.

    Sounds like a bloody ace weekend in fairness.

    On call so shouldn’t really go far from home… so if I can get my Five back up and running following its Ard Rock explosion then Lee Quarry for a bit maybe 😉

    Otherwise, a bimble around the local woods/moor on the singlespeed, possibly with mini-DBW #1 and #2.


    Off to Bike Village tomorrow, so 5 days of the French Alps.

    strawb3110 wins.


    cbmotorsport,…… only if I stay on the bike this time and don’t end up in Bourg St Maurice Hospital for the night again!

    Premier Icon asbrooks

    Just local for me I’m afraid.. Still recovering from a back injury, but looking forward to getting out all the same..


    Supposedly, 50 miles or so on the road with a couple of mates heading out from Oakham.

    Then attempting to ghetto tubeless a pair of Ground Control tyres onto my Inbred.

    But as has been the case for the whole of this year, domestic crap seems to take precedence & I am hoping to get the decorating done on the nursery for an impending little one so it depends how that progresses.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    asbrooks – Member
    Just local for me I’m afraid.. Still recovering from a back injury, but looking forward to getting out all the same..

    Good news, hopefully see you out soon 😀


    we’ll see how my tyres are holding up after doing a tubeless conversion to them yesterday. probably very local and loamy rather than further away and flinty until I trust them.


    Some minor front garden ‘landscaping’ means zero riding and a knackered back on Monday 😕

    Premier Icon ebennett

    First weekend back on the bike after replacing the pivot and rebuilding the back wheel. Demoed 2 carbon framed bikes while it was out of commission, so we’ll see what it’s like to go back to metal!

    Degla on Sat (as I left my pedals there last weekend), over to friends for some beers and food Sat night, Sunday off, and maybe the Peaks on Monday.

    Can’t wait 😀


    3 days in South Wales-
    1 day will be BPW and the other 2 will be a mixture of riding, plus maybe some hiking.


    I shall be leaving my lovely little island tomorrow am and heading to Keswick, stopping at Lee Quarry on the way and riding Whinlatter and Helvellyn Sunday. Innerleithen uplift Monday, Glentress for a couple of days then up to Laggan for Wolftrax and some Cairngorms riding for 3 days. Then Fort Bill for a day, and finally a day in the peaks before heading back to the sunny Isle of Wight!


    A family day at Ladybower all riding ,then Sunday if all goes to plan Garburn pass and Kentmere rideout

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Forecast is glorious tonight, so might get out if I don’t get dragged to the pub for too long after work.
    Other than that, keen to get both of my boys out riding at some point.
    Nothing major though 🙁

    Premier Icon kayla1

    We’re just in from a nice little potter down to Hartlepool via the Haswell-Hart line and back up the coastal path through Crimdom caravan park and Blackhall. It was probably only 25 miles or so all in, but we’re nicely knackered and enjoying a glass of home brew wine (a faux Gewurztraminer if anybody’s interested) 😀

    Dunno where we’re going over the weekend though.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Diggin tomorrow so probably a bit of riding at glentress. Sunday, I have no idea. Get my gnar on, I need to bully a mate of mine into trying waterworld at the golfie or going back to thornielee, that didn’t go so well last time, no.

    Hob Nob

    Today I’m replacing another cracked carbon rim, so I’ll probably pop into the park later and get some runs in.

    It’s a bit damp in Whistler today, and tomorrow the forecast is biblical, so it will be a day in the valley riding XC. Probably the same on Sunday & off to Squamish on Monday for the day & if I get back in time I’ll do the WORCA Monday night ride.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Up to the Ridgeway every day. Sunday will be up at Aston Tirrold then across to White Horse Hill to watch the Vulcan do a flyby.
    Very happy after missing it at Bournemouth last weekend.


    Llangdegla today Sunday I am not sure yet, be Cannock, Coed, or Gisburn maybe.


    Grizdale Sunday 😀


    BPW Monday, not decided on the bit inbetween yet

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We set off this morning for the weekend in the Borders. First UK stay in the van. Just parked up after riding all day at Kirroughtree. Dalbeattie tomorrow and then Mabie on Sunday. Monday will be a stop off for a ride on the way home

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