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  • Weekend riding pics
  • Premier Icon Tracey

    Thought it might be time to resurrect this.
    First drive to exercise for us since lockdown. All the others have been from the door.
    What better way to start than an early morning loop from Langsett, up and over Cutgate and back by the newly surfaced North America. We were up at the crack of dawn and back at the van for 8.20.
    Didn’t see anyone out until we were nearly back.
    It was very windy, intermittent showers but was great to be out on one of my favourites. Trails were loose and dusty.
    The repairs on North America have been done sympathetically and are a lot better than they were when first done.
    There are a few rocks built across the trail, I assume to stop it been blasted from the top and these could claim a few rims over time.
    Great to be out at last.


    still in lock down so no riding plus its pissing down and very windy.

    Forest Of Dean yesterday was great trees keep the wind away and hopefully they dont blow down which they never did which was helpfull.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Gloves and hubs Tracey, liking the match…

    Premier Icon Tracey

    At that early hour I’m lucky I packed them.

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    Me and my mate Kevin were up there on Tuesday evening, did the same route, it was fabulous. Agree the North America repairs are reasonably sympathetic, and to be honest although the trail is slightly less fun now, it did need doing.
    Very loose and dusty. I’m blaming that as the reason I didn’t make it up the climb out of slippery stones!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Another early start for us, thought Wharncliffe might get busy on a Bank Holiday, so we were on the trails by 6 30. Trails were as dry as I have ever seen them. Last time they were this dry was 2007 and I busted my shoulder, washing out in the dust, with a rock interface.

    Premier Icon johnhe

    Bluebells and bikes

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    18k local ride yesterday, I’m still taking it easy when it comes to riding proper trails.

    Premier Icon NewRetroTom


    Bank holiday Monday still counts as the weekend right?


    Decided to head out on a long(ish) ride yesterday, haven’t been further than ~70km since lock down started. Took in some new to me bridleways and byways, some were nice:

    Some I imagine would be hellish in the winter slop, or after heavy rain:

    I’d really like whoever looks after Lackford Lane, to look after some of the byways closer to home. Last time I was along here, it was full width, ankle deep, rutted, sticky slop, now it’s smooth and flat. Shame it’s so sandy though…

    Speaking of sand. The route I’d chosen to take, took me up into Breckland, and due to all the dry weather, it was like riding on a beach. I think I would still have been having a hard time on a fatbike at 2 – 3psi:

    I couldn’t ride some bits, with the front wheel digging in, or wandering all over the place. Thankfully there was plenty of grass verges and what not to ride down instead. Last time I came through Deadman’s Grave, was on my March BaM and the weather was slightly different. The ruts were at least cyclable then though, and there were no Spawn of Satan lounging all over the place:

    Then is was back onto more familiar roads, bridleways and byway to get home:

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Just took the kids out locally.

    I’m waiting for a non-weekend and non-half-term drizzly day for a ride somewhere where there may be crowd…

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Short gentle one today, it’s 1/2 term so have a few days off and today was picnic on the top of the hill where we scattered my mums ashes. My lad took one of his Ninjago Lego men to look after and protect his Nana.

    [url=]2020-05-26_12-19-47[/url] by Steve Weeks, on Flickr

    Zwift race later to give the legs a workout.


    Not allowed out properly yet (in Wales) so just around the fields near my house with the kids.

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