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    Whats everyone up to ? I’m off to Brisbane for a spot of surfing tomorrow AM then watch the ITU Tri then watch Elbow of the evening. Sunday a spot of beach/surf time, brunch, few beers, hop home. Should be nice !!

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    Ride and/or chill.

    slainte 😀 rob


    Off to ideal home show with the mrs on saturday… Deep joy. Sunday is ride time, hopefully pickin up a new Spesh Epic tomorrow so will be evnen more worth i

    I’d rather lay on a high speed rail track (almost) than go to the Ideal Home Show – thankfully, so would my Mrs.

    Skip coming Sat morning, so a good clearout – getting house something like ready to sell next year.

    Gym Sat & Sun at some point.

    Ride my bike (hopefully) at some point.

    Not seen Mrs STR all week, so some fumbling should be on the cards 😉

    Book keeping – lots of.

    Getting pissed.

    End up doing daughters homework with her at Sunday teatime probably 😡

    Daughters play on Saturday.
    Wiggle Cheshire cat on Sunday.

    No work tomorrow so a nice gentle dinner time spin in the road bike in the sunshine.


    Nohing planned on sat, maybe a road ride up the trough of bowland. Sunday heading up to wheelbase in stavley for the demo day. Got a whyte, lappiare and a trek to try out round the bridalways around Kentmere, looking forward to it 🙂

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    Sods law that on whats looking like being the nicest weekend of year i’ll be stuck moving all the stuff out of our old house. We were meant to be moving into our new house (first home we will actually own rather than rent) this weekend but things have had a bit of a hold up so moving in with the in-laws to be for a few weeks.

    I am going to have to try and get out on the bike for a few hours at least……

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    digging/chatting at the grenoside-dig-day tomorrow.

    dh skills 101 with my Gf on sunday.

    life is good.


    You’re missing the Mt Vic Super-D NZCol?

    Going by the rain we’ve had recently it’s going to be a muddy one, good for spectators but for some daft reason I seem to have entered.

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