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  • Weekend Biking Trip Mid-April Aviemore vs Lakes: Weather?
  • Just planning an annual weekend mountain biking trip with some pals.
    Looking at going the weekend of April 18-19th.

    We have Aviemore and the Lakes on the list, with Aviemore being the one we’re keen on from a riding perspective.

    However, I’m wondering about the weather there at that time of year. Is it too early in the year to enjoy the riding?

    Premier Icon jam bo

    there will be weather.

    while your at it, can we have the lottery numbers too…


    can’t help with the weather, but if you’re interested Aviemore now has a premier inn opening early spring. We did the Burma road loop ending in High Burnside last year, Epic

    I went to Torridon for three days cycling in April last year and the weather was glorious . That is no guarantee of anything but Aviemore weather is not too bad IME and you have a decent chance of getting better weather than the Lake District . You could leave it as late as possible to book anything and see what the forecast says .

    Aviemore more likely to be dry generally speaking but I’ll stick my head above the parapet and say the ridings better in the Lakes.

    Stevenmenmuir +1


    Last weekend of the Easter holidays in the Lakes? You couldn’t pay me enough.

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    A quick scan through my Google Photos library for “April” suggests you’ll find some snow higher up if that’s your bag, but generally pretty clear lower down.

    Soils in the area drain very quickly too, so most trails are in good nick around then.

    Early morning frosts are still possible.

    Plenty of choice of routes depending on what you fancy.

    Ok, that sounds acceptable for Aviemore, cheers!

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    Aviemore can be properly diverse in April. In 2012 just a little north of that I was working outside in just a tee shirt on the Monday and on the Tuesday was snowed in waiting for the snow plough to clear the 2ft of snow on the A road. Wednesday the sun came out and every bit of it was gone by close of play. Come prepped for everything and anything.

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    If you pick one the other will have better weather. Just how it is.

    Look at average rainfall graphs and pick the driest?

    Or pick the best riding and man up.

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    Lakes will be busy then, but you won’t have to venture too far away from the honey pots before you find some peace and quiet on the trails, western lakes probably good bet, providing you can get some accomodation sorted.
    As for the weather, heads or tails!


    Did Aviemore with the bike club last Easter bank holiday weekend, rode Meall a’ Bhuachaille, Upper Burnside trails, Granton-on-Spey, Laggan etc. Weather was stunning…i can’t promise you the same, but the riding and scenery were top.

    I have forgotten what it’s like not to be both sliding about in, and covered head to toe in mud after every ride

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    I reckon you may as well roll dice to decide the destination.

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