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  • coastkid

    Favourite time of the year for beach riding,
    cool, clear, crisp and long shadows, perfect, chilled in all aspects, including the sea temps πŸ™‚



    Nice πŸ™‚


    Great stuff!

    Coastkid – love your beach riding photo’s and videos πŸ™‚


    Nice ride Bruce, any news on 2012 fat bike meetings?


    I think for the 2012 meet were meeting in Yorkshire/Leeds area for a tour of proper fish &chip shops by Andy & Jane next year,

    Here its going down every weekend if you want to fire up… :mrgreen:

    Premier Icon lump

    Liked that, πŸ™‚ what was the tune ?


    Song is “Buckie High” by Boards of Canada
    The eletronic due of brothers are originally from Scotland and now residing in Canada,
    The song refers to getting high on Buckfast drink and not the high school in Buckie, Moray, Scotland :mrgreen:


    Nice video Bruce , East lothian coast always looks good. You should head across to fife for some nice beaches as well .

    Premier Icon ruffrider

    Always good to see one of your videos, I quite often cheer myself up watching your films & looking round your excellent website. love Surly bikes and would love to have a ride round your way one day, it looks amazing!! Hope to have a Fat Bike (Pugsley would do nicely) eventually if I ever any money again lol. Keep it up mate you really capture the spirit of Singletrack riding IMO…

    Enjoyed that, what are you using to film them with?


    All filmed with the Go Pro HD on setting r3,
    Used an old tripod with stick on mount on top, chest cam (sports bra),
    a sticky mount at 90 degrees on the rear rack. seatpost mount on front fork, Go Pro was a bit dark with the low winter sun, that and the only down side is your tiny in a view once over 20 meters away due to the fish eye,
    Canon are now doing a cheap compact with 720HD video for under Β£80, Linky…

    It would be ideal to mix with the Go Pro for tripod shots,
    Dear Santa… πŸ™‚

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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