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  • Wednesday night Redhill CC ride – report
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    Just had a rather nice 90-minute ride through the fresh snow on the North Downs. Started off with a couple of the guys from Redhill CC and Mandog at Reigate Hill car park. It became quickly apparent that I was a bit of a Jonah so agreed to part company and I did a loop on my own.

    Living North of Redhill I didn't realise that there had been 2-inches of snow there today! A nice surprise though.

    Very cold and sloppy but that's why I prefer mountain biking over road riding.

    The Alfine oil doesn't like these low temps though. Really stiff to begin with but once again the engine is the limiting factor whilst riding it 😉

    It was the first time I had used my DX light too and I have to say it was worth the wait. The low setting is great for trail riding and then when things speed up the high setting is like brilliant. I know there are more powerful lights but the bang for your buck of the DX light is great.

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Not sure if I'm going to do a road ride on my Inbred commuter or another off road jaunt on the Stiffee.

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