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  • Wedding ring lost below tide line: whats the chances of finding it?
  • if the tide goes out far enough – a cheap metal detector?

    The amount the ride would have moved it about would be phenomenal it could be miles away. I wouldn’t waste my time as its probably trashed anyway.


    Well it’s only monday today so well worth going back and having a look.

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    Just get a cheapo replacement instead? Or was it some kind of one off custom ring?


    Needle in a haystack – get a replacement. I lost mine on dry land, ironically, whilst shooting someone’s wedding. I knew exactly where I’d lost it and returned later in the day to look for it. Even though it was just a few square metres of grass, there was no sign, so I gave up. It was only £80 from Argos, but the value has nothing to do with the money 🙁


    what was the beach surface
    on sand – I’d forget it or take a rake and a big bucket of hope
    on stones I’d go back as it may have got lodged

    good call on metal detector


    Thanks guys it was a bit special and i’d like to replace it like for like but hate the thought of it lying there or being found by someone else.

    Figured a cheap metal detector and trip down there might be worth a punt problem is i’m 3hrs away.

    Just reporting it to local police on the (v. slim) off chance it’s found and handed in

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    In true STW fashion, here’s a tale that’s of no help whatsoever. A younger more romantic me was courting a young lady on a shingle beach when said fillie misplaced a silver ring.

    A year later, sitting eating chips on the same beach with same partner we looked down and sitting there in the shingle was said item.

    Extraordinary chance.

    So, I suggest you go back in a year.


    cheers pictonroad and tell those stories made me smile : )


    Some big decisions here! Does she know yet? How brave are you? I’d be getting a very very expensive metal detector and offering to solve youth unemployment by organising a mass lifelong search.
    There is always a random chance though. I once lost a phone out of a moving car through the open window. When I found it run over in road the sim card was missing. Couldn’t search because of traffic at the time. Went back a day later and searched. Found it in grass verge. Good luck whatever you do!


    Lots of succesful finding rings stories come up on google.Got to be worth another look and then maybe post an ad. locally.Don’t get obsessive though.Good luck.


    With metal detector, worth a punt.
    Without metal detector, don’t bother.


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    I’d be going back for a look. metal detector in hand


    Go back and look. Wife lost hers whilst snorkelling off portland Bill a few years ago. I spent an hour trawling the surf zone where she lost it with a mask and snorkely to no avail.

    Went back the following day at low tide (to make her feel better more than anything) and we found it straight away lodged in a crack in the rock.

    Towzer is right the substrate is important here….


    My dad lost his wedding ring in the sea on his honeymoon, very surprisingly they found it the next day when they went to look for it. So I’d say give it a go, it’s unlikely you’ll find it but if you don’t bother you’ll always be wondering…

    Premier Icon The Wrong Trousers

    That happened to a friend of mine during the summer, he lost his wedding ring on a beach in France. He searched for ages on several days, and then the day they were due to leave he went to give a description and his phone number to the resident lifeguard, lifeguard says ‘hang on a minute’ and then produced mate’s ring from out a desk drawer. Turns out a local with a metal detector had found it that same morning and handed it in. What are the chances eh ?
    There’s always hope !

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    I lost mine snorkelling on honeymoon (this was a few weeks after my mum told me how my dad is on his 4th – all lost swimming in the sea!). We hadn’t covered a big area and it was shallow, very clear water – looked a couple of times for it but no joy. No harm in looking but don’t get your hopes up too far.

    Thankfully it was a £35 titanium one so easily replaced!

    Lost mine in a carpet of leaf litter whilst walking the dogs in a wood. Cue lots of panic and scrambling around on my hands and knees. Only got it back due to a colleague loaning me his metal detector. If you can get hold of one, then give it go. You never know.


    A cheap metal detector will be pretty expensive by the time you have baught all the kit.

    bobbly hat
    brown chords

    Good luck, I once went back for a swiss army knife lost in a sanddune almost given up the spotted a glint, was the small keyring loop, thats all that was left above the sand. three hours isn’t that bad if you make a day of it.


    Wow some great stories tales giving some hope, thanks!

    Wife does know, I was genuinely quite upset when I told her and she took with the usual mix of humour and grace.


    You could always try and enlist the help of the local metal detecting club.
    Usually there are plenty of old chaps with time on their hands only too happy to help!


    My brother lost his wedding ring in similar situation 25yrs ago. He and some mates went back a day later and found it. Strange but true. It can happen.


    If you find it or get another one, next time that you go in the sea, put a plaster over it, your fingers shrink in the cold water and rings can easily slip off.


    I wouldn’t bother if you’re a 6hr round trip away.

    When are you going to go? It’s already been 48hrs.


    So lost my wedding ring in Pembrokeshire on Saturday whilst getting out of a sea kayak, by the time i’d realised tide had come in 6ft and figured anything more than a quick scan a waste of time.

    I’ve just been quoted 575 for the replacement and am thinking it might be worth heading back there for a proper look. Anyone care to rate my chances of finding it or give suggestions of a course of action (inc. just sucking it up and getting my wallet out)? go easy on me though i’m still a but traumatised by the episode!


    If you divorce the wife you won’t need a ring???

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    I thought the standard procedure in this sort of situation is to go fishing there in about 3 months time. The fish you catch is almost certain to have swallowed it.


    PS actually really feel for you. My wife lost hers and was pretty distraught. Means a lot. 🙁

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    This is also no help but I know I’m going to lose mine one day, and it was custom made to my own design so no replacement possible. I had 2 made so I have a spare. Apologies for unhelpful smugness after the fact.


    In shore ants.

    Say it quickly then check your home and contents policy.


    Bear in mind there will have been a big swell so quite a lot of sand could have been moved, work out the direction it would have been pushed from the wind a current and work down from there. At least if you try and fail you have it a shot

    Take ear phones and a sieve too, plus it will be fun, you might find a golden doubloon!

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    I’ve lost 2 wedding rings. One was lost in Lego Land… the other I’ve no idea where (although I did lose it briefly in a Peruvian desert).

    I don’t wear one now.


    bigyin: thanks for the tip, the pembroke prospectors are rallying their ranks and hopefully heading to the beach later!

    I’ve also invested in a cheap metal detector from Tesco’s but not sure i’ll bother if the pro’s cant find it.

    I’ll update this post in a few days hopefully with some good news : )


    Wife does know, I was genuinely quite upset when I told her and she took with the usual mix of humour and grace.

    Don’t worry too much about the ring.

    Just celebrate the fact that your wife is awesome.

    My mate lost his wedding ring and his mrs went ballistic and didn’t speak to him at all for nearly a fortnight.
    She’s still pissed off about it now and it was years ago.

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    Lost mine when swimming off a beach on Malta.

    Didn’t find it.

    And it was our honeymoon too.

    Not worn one since.


    The amount the ride would have moved it about would be phenomenal it could be miles away. I wouldn’t waste my time as its probably trashed anyway.

    Highly unlikely, gold is a dense, heavy metal, it won’t have gone that far even with longshore drift, except over a fair period of time. It probably won’t have moved more than a few tens of meters, if that. Certainly worth going and spending an afternoon with a detector, provided you know exactly the spot on the beach where you lost it.
    And how could a solid gold ring get trashed in wet sand? It’s not like it’s getting run over by a train, or smashed with a hammer!


    I lost mine climbing once…. The wife was away in Portugal, I told her when she got back and she flipped so we went out and bough a new one. Later that day I took some bits out of the boot of the car and hey presto it fell out of my climbing trousers (I swear I checked them). I made the wife take the new ring back and she had an argument with the assistant but we got the money back.

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    my wedding ring is set a measure under what the recommended width would be – whatever it is – E fitting or something. Given the beatings it’s taken, what with hill-walking and everything else, last thing I wanted was for it to ‘just fall off’ — seems to have worked so far..


    I did wonder if it might be too loose but feels ok most of the time just a little loose when very cold etc. and having seen pictures of “gloved” ring fingers after climbing accidents was always wary of it being too tight.

    Count Zero, careful you’re getting my hope up now : )

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    Was SURE I’d lost mine last winter. Did a cheeky off-piste descent solo, stopped off at the bar, got on the bus back up to resort. Tossed my gloves on the seat of the bus, looked at my hand – no ring! Checked the gloves, not in there. Got the driver to hold the bus for a minute, back into the bar, not there.

    Got home, ‘fessed up to the wife, both about the ring and, inevitably, about the solo off-piste descent.

    She said “Your ring is by the sink.”

    Dammit. 👿

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