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  • DanW

    Hi all,

    After a bit of advice really from the knowledgeable STW massif 🙂

    Right then, getting married this year and we have found our ideal place for a reception and are just lacking evening music.

    The meal will be for close friends and family and the evening for work colleagues and everyone else. Just someone to provide a good mix of wedding tunes would be great. No-one too overbearing or too cheesy as we only want the music to get everyone dancing not necessarily dominate the evening.

    We have been to a few weddings and the DJ seems to vary from everything we are looking for to nobbers who couldn’t give a monkeys about the couple/ guests and play whatever rubbish they feel like (ignoring requests or playing heavy rock to a group of grannies on the dance floor for example).

    Does anyone have any people/ companies to recommend for a Wedding DJ in Bath for a relaxed and easygoing night? Not too pricey is a bonus too!

    Many thanks in advance! DanW

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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