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  • andyl

    the actual jobcentre site (for academic related)

    also industry specific are very good, eg for engineering jobs.


    As above + totaljobs

    Have you looked on your local paper website? Quite often they have a careers section that is quite good as it’s jobs that aren’t 150 miles away!


    And, industry specific as above.

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    Cheers folks – hadn’t thought about LinkedIn.

    hadn’t thought about LinkedIn.

    Depending on your industry (?) many companies use it as a way of getting people who are linked to the right people to apply. Some very good jobs get put there and often nowhere else apart from the company website!

    I got mu current gig through connections on Linkedin, so I’d say it’s well worth looking at.

    The ? above is to ask your industry – Am sure someone here may well know someone/something specific to help you!

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    Which job search sites would you recommend?

    Currently using and

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    I am currently an account manager in the construction industry (I work for a main contractor). I am on LinkedIn but I’ve only ever used it to stalk people (I’m not on Facebook). Not literally, obviously. So I might need to put a bit of work in to get the full potential out of it, but that’s not a problem!


    Who’s linked to CFH on LinkedIn then?

    ‘Tis a very useful site: it’s got me a gig before, and a very useful one at that.

    Hill McGlynn (now part of Randstat (sp?)) are / were a construction industry recruitment company. They’re based in Whiteley (near Fareham) now, I think. Might help, hopefully…

    Indeed is where i got every job iv had its a belter!!!! And no sponserd jobs or adverts!!!!


    Just received a call from an HR guy from a company rather than an agency because he saw my CV on an industry specific site. Work smart, not hard.


    linked in and indeed were good when I was looking, however I actually got my current job from reed which is not actually as good!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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