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  • Premier Icon AlexSimon

    What do you expect for £800 🙂


    I know what I expect. I also know our clients (well, new business enquiries really) often expect much, MUCH more.

    And usually by close of play tomorrow, and they think they are doing you a favour by throwing you a project ‘bone’.


    How much to spend on a website is easy.

    1) Work out the value of extra business you can create by building and supporting a website;
    2) Spend less than 1).

    Oh and £800 for that site is very good value. I like it.



    Thanks for responses. WordPress was my first thought as i’ve used it before for small projects. We’d need it branding, however, because if we get the funding it would be highly prestigious (Leverhulme), worth a lot of money (£1m) and we’re seeking to engage audiences internationally.


    Sorry to thread-steal.

    Looking to make a simple website as part of my dissertation submission, will need 5-6 pages, chunk of text on each, some images/diagrams, couple videos (probably from youtube), gifs etc. Maybe some other interactive elements.

    Want to just use an online template editor, would something like Wix be better than WordPress (which I understand is aimed at blogs)?

    Ta, Duane.


    Duane ferk off start your own thread …lol

    Argyle your style..your the only one thats mentioned training and correctly assumes the op will be updating himself assuming the correct number of brain cells to mess with the black art of web design…


    i have oodles of style 🙂

    like i said though, prices vary depending on what the brief is. basic handover and training always included though.

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    the black art of web design

    It’s not a black art, it’s very straight forward! FFS!


    As a web designer (I’m think I’m technically a UX engineer* at the moment) I should probably stand up for the profession but to be honest, making websites really isn’t difficult – if the OP is reasonably IT literate they could probably learn to piece together something simple in a few evenings. If that’s enough and the site isn’t performing an important business role then job done – bear in mind though that you’ll probably need to invest a significant amount of time in learning to maintain the site as well as building and testing it. As with so many things, it’s very easy to get started but the more you know, the more there is to learn.

    If however the site is for a business and has even the remotest impact on the bottom line then you’d probably be daft not to at least talk to some local professionals and get a handle on what they can do for you. A wordpress site can be very inexpensive and unless the person who makes it for you is a complete charlatan, they will almost certainly do a better job of it than a non professional. They should also leave you with something that can be extended to add more functionality without too much expense in future.

    My suggestion would be to get a wordpress theme based on a responsive framework like Foundation and then see what you come up with. If you’re happy then quids in, if not then before you invest heavily in it go get some professional advice.

    *Not really an engineer

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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