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  • pampmyride
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    Any web hosting experts out there: Web Hosting issues: I run our trial (motorcycle) club web page plus a couple more blogs – all are using WordPress. I was using Vidahost since 2010 in they morphed into Paragon, Then TSO a year or so ago. Up until 2018 I had 4 issues with phishing/malware hacks reported. In 2018 I’ve had at least 12 reports from Netcraft, resulting in web site closure & a scan from TSO to confirm dodgy files. TSO scan often shows more apparently dodgy files than Netcraft but say their scan is not 100% accurate (what is the point in that!!) So my question is is this the new norm or is TSO crap & I need to find a proper host who’s not cutting corners? If so suggestions please as sorting above is a pain. Thanks, Mike

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    Wordpress does seem to be targeted quite a lot. Lots of versions together with untold number of plugins is a security nightmare! If you can, update to the latest versions and check for security patches.

    The host I use got hacked a year or so ago and even though my site doesn’t use WordPress the hack still put the hacked files (index.php and some other stuff) in to my HTML root. I could sort most of it out but some files and folders had been given strange permissions so I couldn’t delete them and had to get my provider to do that.

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    The common weak point with WordPress is poor or scripts that have not been updated.

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    I’d be pointing the finger at WordPress rather than your web hosting TBH.

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    I’ve only ever had issues with WordPress was on cheaper shared hosting (Servage/Dreamhost etc) which was usually down to someone on the same shared server having unsecure/old scripts being hacked, which led to 3rd party files/injections on my webspace. The WordFence plugin should help eliminate most issues. I’ve never had WordPress hacked on a decent host.

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    Yeah you’re at fault mate – crap site files / plugins etc… you’d be best getting someone to professionally migrate the content and user base to somewhere clean and secure rather than trying to keep patching what you’ve got.

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    Using Word fence. So, lets try recommendations for budget web hosting then…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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