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  • We value your privacy
  • Premier Icon Tim
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    Is anyone else getting this on every single page. Sometimes multiple times

    This is android with stock chrome

    Premier Icon johnners
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    Nobody’s mentioned it AFAIK. Have you tried a forum search?

    Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
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    Happens on loads of other sites. Everything is just fine. Stop whining.

    Premier Icon bruneep
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    we can’t replicate it, so it doesn’t happen

    Premier Icon pitduck
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    doesn’t come up on dracs iPad, must be you…

    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    there is a beautiful irony when people start turning up to complain about the number of threads on this 😉 maybe it’s a good way to get the message through. It’s a bit like US food service where you can’t get more than 2 bites in before being asked repeatedly if everything is OK

    Premier Icon bonobo
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    I know what the OP means.
    I get the same thing, I’m constantly being told how much my privacy is valued! Between that and the crazy number of ads I now get it’s making the site pretty miserable to use.
    But so addicted I just can’t stop.

    Premier Icon leffeboy
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    what I love is that the way the clue is in the full URL of the thread…

    And that’s just for threads that go for the simple version of the title.  In their defence it has to be said that this isn’t the only site that pops that message up.  It might be that this is the site that people visit most often that does it

    …heads back to the safety of a P

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    This is like the tenth thread on this so I’m closing it as a duplicate.

    There’s an explanation and suggestions on how to resolve it at the end of the thread here.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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