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  • cubemeup

    im sure they are owned buy hotlines or CRC


    They won’t give you a great deal IMO. Try biketart for a better deal or wait for the 2012 models to come in and the 2011s are reduced.


    I’ve found they are pretty good price wise for bike bits

    Seem to be we love mountains as well


    The website leads you to think it’s free postage but it’s only free over £50 and below that it’s £6 which seems a bit steep.

    Otherwise the service I’ve had from them has been fine.

    Premier Icon timmys

    I find the “We Love x”, where x = the brand we’re trying to flog you at the moment a bit annoying but they seem to be friendly and helpful over on the Lapierre Owners Club forums. I’m sure I’ve read reports of them lending out wheels etc while waiting for warranty replacements so they sound pretty good service wise.


    Anyone used them? thinking of buying from them and just want to hear how they fair in terms of customer service etc


    I’ve bought a few bits from ‘We Love Haglofs’ which I presume is owned by the same people and there was never any problems at all – prices were pretty good as well.


    substantially cheaper than CRC for 661 Evo pads (like £57 vs £73) which I’m currently shopping for/considering.


    I’ve bought a ragley frame and some tires from them (we love mtns) in two different transactions. Cock ups with both, with their online catalogue not matching what they have in the warehouse. For the frame they noticed before dispatch, and i decided to wait until it was in stock, and the tires i had to send back for a refund. And after all that, i’d buy from them again, because they have excellent, responsive customer service, and i felt valued as a customer.

    EDIT: munque-chick, if the price differential is that big, call them to verify that the online catalogue is correct! The tires were much cheaper than anywhere else, but that’s because they werent the right tires!

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    Ask for Adam at biketart, he might be able to sort something.
    Good shop and nice people 🙂

    They’re both my LBS AND climbing centre, and I rather like them. Never used them mail order (for obvious reasons) but they’ve always been great as a shop.

    Case in point: I took my Ones in for a bleed a while back, and it turned out they need new seals, which is covered under warranty. Despite me not having bought the brakes from them (they came from the Formula web shop) We Love Mountains have sorted it all with Silverfish to get them fixed under warranty.

    Silverfish seem to be being really good about it too, I’m just praying they might come back in time for France. Not holding my breath though

    Hi Mr FlyMonkeyCorps

    If you get two mins can you drop me an email please?

    Thanks. richie@silverfish-uk.com

    Hi Guys – Our ears were burning! so we had to chip in to this thread.

    Cubemeup – We are not owned by CRC, we dont know if thats an insult or a compliment? Does that mean we are slick and professional or faceless?

    Spin – I have to agree with you, we have just found a bug on our site today to do with shipping, and this did contradict between the cart and checkout. Its now fixed. Our UK shipping policy is Free UK shipping on everything over £50. (Only CRC can afford free shipping on everything:)

    Timmys – We dont just jump on a brand and sell it under We Love ‘X’, we have virtual concept stores for the brands we really like. When you see a brand store on the high st, ‘The North Face’, ‘Giant’, ‘Specialized’ etc they are not owned usually by those companies but by a retailer. We have a very large store ‘We Love Mountains’ in Hull, we have a website ‘www.welovemountains.com’ We have developed over the last three years an online concept store idea to support specific brands. We Love Lapierre being our biggest.

    Just as with any physical concept store you get only those brand products brought to you by staff with a good knowledge of that particular brand.

    We get asked by other companies to introduce our ‘We Love…’ concept to their brand. Some we will, others we will not. The criteria is that we believe in the brand and feel we have enough ‘love’ for it to bring it to market in this way. All online stores are backed up by the mothership in Hull with mechanics, athletes, team coach and a very motivated team.

    We do also have our own indoor climbing centre and indoor skatepark too, not your average LBS:)

    I hope that clears up some of the misconceptions about what we do, if you have any more questions then please ask, hopefully it might be about something exciting like bikes:)


    We Love Mountains

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