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  • We Are One Composites made a bike
  • Premier Icon cb200
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    They’re a Canadian company who make carbon stuff. I’m a bit of a fanboi, as I have some wheels, bars/stem combo, and more importantly, some socks (not carbon)

    Anyway, they’ve been developing a full frame and now it is finally available.

    Personally, from an aesthetic POV, I’m more of a Swarf kind of chap, but thought some may appreciate a modern, angular, pure carbon titanium-bolted sex machine.

    Premier Icon marksnook
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    My lbs have just become a we are one dealer, got shown a box of rims yesterday and they are beautiful!
    Im not a carbon fanboy but I do like the look of that

    Premier Icon cb200
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    The cheaper full build is CAD 10,000 which is around £5,700* – that includes WAO Carbon rims and bars, Fox Factory, Chris King etc.

    *That’s a straight currency conversion – I don’t know what the eventual retail will be in the UK

    Premier Icon batfink
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    Carbon socks, you say?

    Premier Icon dcwhite1984
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    I like that, looks not too dissimilar to the Antidote Carbon Jack, which is no bad thing.

    Would be interested to see one in the flesh.

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    Not my cup of Rosie Lee at all, but it’s nice to see smaller companies giving it a go.

    Premier Icon MSP
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    While there are some angular cosmetic touches, it looks to me like it is copy of a trek slash.

    Premier Icon chiefgrooveguru
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    “While there are some angular cosmetic touches, it looks to me like it is copy of a trek slash.”

    No, it looks like a Session…

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    Looks like a Carbon Sunday, Which is definitely not a bad thing.

    Premier Icon oldnpastit
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    I quite like that, especially that it’s made in a country with a fairly OK human rights record (yes, I know).

    Right now, I’m kind of put off carbon for the most part as I can’t figure out how to recycle it, beyond putting it in the “Bulky Waste” container at the local recycling centre, along with all the mattresses and sofas.

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    That is proper good looking, and 5.7k is cheap for that build kit. Pretty sure a Santa Cruz frame + Reserve wheelset must pretty much come to that

    If I hadn’t recently bought a new Ripmo frame and also a complete ebike I’d be asking my LBS if they could get hold of one of these

    Premier Icon tomhoward
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    I can’t figure out how to recycle it,

    So don’t. Keep it running and pass on to someone else so they can keep using it, after you are done with it.

    Premier Icon Speeder
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    It’s a lovely looking thing – Designed by Vlad who did this then moved to Canada

    The Sequence Downhill Bike

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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