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  • ciderinsport


    Will try to be there whatever date you decide!

    Wives/Partners/Non-Riders welcome for the tea and cakes/BBQ

    I had my first mainly pain free weekend since September 2012 with some gentle riding and a bit of digging that I really enjoyed.

    I finally feel like I am finally recovering so would like to organise a “Big Thank You Pootle” for all the friends and aqaintences who have helped me through the last 9 months. Loads of great support from friends and random STWers with special thanks (in no particular order) to:

    Rob the Beer – Bringing me barrels of beautiful beer when I couldn’t walk
    Robin the Cider Barrel – Driving me to pubs full of beautiful beer when I couldn’t drive
    Ian and the rest of the Thursday night mob – After ride drinking of beautiful beer with me when I couldn’t ride with them

    Lots of other kind words and support from others so everyone is welcome to join, even those who are just ‘crash-curious’.

    Not really got a plan other than meeting on a Saturday or Sunday morning at Southampton Bike Park around 10:30am.

    Faffing and willy waving until 11am when we set off for a couple of hours around Lordswood.

    1pm when it is back to my house for tea and cakes.

    Those who want to stay on can then either have a few more hours riding/fixing bikes/A&E time and if the weather is any good we will have a BBQ and possibly some beautiful beer.

    It will be pretty much like to original STW Southern Festival (for those who remember that) but without the sleep over.

    The planned dates are either Sat 13th, Sun 14th, Sat 20th, Sun 21st so if you fancy coming let me know which dates are best and I will see what I can do.


    Cool will be there 🙂

    Premier Icon nixie

    Think I’m around on both of those weekends.

    Premier Icon FieldMarshall

    Unfortunately I will be riding in the Alps on those dates.

    Did I mention that before….. 🙂 (Gloat gloat)

    Premier Icon richen987

    FieldMarshall – Member
    Unfortunately I will be riding in the Alps on those dates.

    I will definitely be there then 😉

    In a bizarre change of events I am unable to ride to being broken myself.
    Op on friday to try to fix my thumb , or just fuse the joint if its proper borked.
    Should be ok for August BH weekend though

    Sorry to hear about the thumb. Good luck for Friday.

    You are still welcome to come for the tea came beers and BBQ

    Mend quick

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    Can I come on the basis that I’m CiderInSports brother. Although he can hold more liquid than me. And I have followed your exploits with intrigue and more than a little bemusement 😀

    (Glad you’re mostly fixed now)

    Everyone can come.

    I am in a niche of one STW in that I don’t do niches and am happy to rode with anyone, even those with the wrong size wheels or wrong number of years. I draw the line at bestially and dropper posts but other than that everyone is welcome


    40mpg does try to match CIS on the drinking front but fails miserably – I on the other hand can keep up so count me in – might need to bring the trailer loaded with Cider 😀

    Ash – After you wore the matching boot in a WCA tribute act, I insist that you come!


    I should be able to meet most of the dates. Would be keen to pop along as I don’t have a dropper. I’m desperate to see more outrageously extravagant behaviour from WCA.

    Field Marshall – I didn’t think you had any reverbs working ready for the alps, you could borrow my winter bike for the trip if you want.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Can do Sat 13th. Taking the Cotic to the Alps or do you intend to have fun?x


    Cotic fun. I don’t think so

    Saturday 13th is now the confirmed date.


    I’m genuinely sorry fella; I had absolutely no idea you’d hurt yourself quite so badly, and I feel quite ashamed now, given the amount of support you’ve shown me over the years… 🙁

    I’ll send you something in the post that might start to make up for it.


    13th is perfect for me! My garden will be full of pissed teenagers listening to one erection (or whatever they are called!)

    I have no intention of being within ear shot 🙂


    Cool, well later into the month is better but can probably free meself up whenever

    Hi Bullheart – No shame, you out niched me for death defying. Anyway, I thought you were dead by now 😉 Last I heard you were making babies, any results. I really hope all is well.

    6079smithw – Free your self, it will be worth it.

    Cider In Sport – Guarantee no Wand Erections in sight

    Premier Icon DezB

    I’d love to come (for tea and came 🙂 ) on a Sunday. What wiv that Robdabeer going an all. I’ll bring the kid too as he’s the original kid from the STWSSDF.
    (Saturdays he plays footy, so I have to do that)

    (Come to think of it I’m (hopefully) moving house on the 21st, so 14th is the only one for me of those dates.)

    Sunday 14th is no the confirmed date for late comers who miss out on the BBQ but can still ride, have tea/coffee/beer and any left over cake.

    Same agenda, turn up at 10:30, faff, ride from 11am – 1pm then chill.

    WCA – Always adaptable 😉

    Premier Icon DezB

    When’s the BBQ? 🙂

    BBQ Saturday, possibly Sunday too if we get a few turn up.

    Premier Icon nixie

    Cotic fun. I don’t think so

    easy now!


    Might pop down for a rideout if that’s ok. Never ridden Lordswood and only seen your good work in the bike park on the internet 😀

    Everybody welcome!


    I’ve never managed to make any of your Thurs night rides and with following your exploits and meeting you (briefly) at SSUK, I’d like to ride out on Sat 13th if that’s ok… 😆

    You are included

    WCA . Can you collect a pair of Krysiums for me from Soton / Sholing in the next week or 10 days ?
    Will mail you at some point when the guy fwds me some details .

    Of course Sir, just let me know when and when

    The Route is sort of planned now. Just need to ride it to check for distance.

    A) The starting point of the ride at the Southampton Bike Park. The start of the ride is a simple bimble along the road first and then a wide fire track to let people warm up and chat.
    B) The start of “Right, Right” with the entrance opposite the gate of the house. This starts flat and a bit muddy but gets better quickly.
    C) The end of both “Right, Right” and “Left, Left” with the track looping back up the draggy climb.
    D) The start and end of the “Narrow Bridge Loop” which interestingly doesn’t actual go over the narrow bridge but loops back towards the “Workmans”
    E) The top of the “Workmans” which has various jumps and stuff that evolves every weekend.
    F) The bottom of the “Workmans” with a muddy climb over the stream and then uphill to the “Bomb Hole”
    G) The “Bomb Hole” which is the start of a nice long descent.
    H) Start of “Shonky Bridge” as the track crosses the fire road
    I) End of “Shonky Bridge” and start of “Missing Link” which is just a short link section to “Nop Dabs”
    J) End of “Missing Link” and joining “No Dabs” where we turn right towards the motorway end.
    K) End of “No Dabs” and a simple track up to the crossroads where “Lord Screw” starts
    L) Start of “Lord Screw” which we we ride later so we head into the start of the climb up “Narrow Bridge” which this time actually goes over the bridge and then reverses the earlier descent.
    D) At the top of “Narrow Bridge” we turn left towards the “Jumps” where you can either play or studiously ride around the jumps. before heading back towards the start of “Lords Screw”
    L) Start of “Lord Screw” again and this time we ride it, straight across the fire road at the end and down the “No Dbas” again but in reverse this time.
    K) “No Dabs” in the other direction
    J) Keep on “No Dabs” past the “Missing Link” and on to the “River Crossing”
    M) “River Crossing” and left along the side of the stream to the “Log Bridge”
    N) “Log Bridge” provides an easy way across and then it is a climb back up towards the start of “Shanky BRidge” but turn right at the top of the climb towrds the “Moped Crossroads”. Cut in to the left just before the cross roads and follow the trail that pops back out onto the fire road and leads up to the “Bomb Hole”
    G) The opposite side of the road to the “Bomb Hole” is the start of the “Gully Run”
    O) Opposite the end of the “Gully Run” there is a steep entrance to a short track leading left towards the “Moped Crossroads”
    P) The start of the “Redundancy Trail” which flows out to the fire road
    Q) End of the “Redundancy Trail” and then left towards the “Bicycle Graveyard”
    R) Into the “Bicycle Graveyard” and going up towards the fire road where we turn right and head for the “Granny Ring Grind”
    S) Start of the “Granny Ring Grind” which goes straight up the hill until we turn right at the fire road which we follow almost to the cross roads before we almost double back.
    T) Re-enter the woods and head towards “Burnt Logs”
    U) At “Burnt Logs” bear right for another great descent and then the climb back and past the “Bomb Hole” staying on the road right up to the motorway bridge.
    V) Just as the road to the kennels starts there is an entrance to the “Embankment” on the left. Ride this until just after the river crossing with a steep climb when you turn right.
    W) The right turn is onto a reasonably wide and flowing trail descending all the way to the Golf Course
    X) Marks the spot where you turn left and then the ride home follows the edge of the Golf Course all the way out of the woods.

    Just rode the trail in about 2 hours at a pootling pace. Forgot to hit Record on Strava or bother to actually check what time I left so it is all a bit vague.

    That is the longest I have ridden since snapping the foot off. If my legs recover I might have another go tomorrow and try to use Strava to record it this time.


    Looks good 🙂


    Guronya !!

    Guronya !! ??


    Premier Icon molgrips

    Can we call you stumpy now?


    Hi Nick, I may have got a pass for this, you ok with that?
    No breaking me I’m off to the Alps the next weekend! 8)


    molgrips – call me what you like 😉

    boobs – all welcome, come along. The ride is gentle, I am under strict orders that bleeding is okay but NOTHING BROKEN

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