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  • willard

    That’s nice work there, I think he’s done a good job and two weeks more on crutches is probably a small price to pay.

    I was wondering when you were going to post another update by the way. Glad it’s a positive one.

    Thanks, finally got the scanner working so a bit less blurry

    You can see the metal hoover/Dremmel thing in picture IMG_003

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Urgh. Think I’m gonna barf.

    I can’t get my scanner to work so here are some blurry photos from this mornings operation.

    Quick History:
    Snapped my foot off, Dr bolted it back on, could move it a bit but not well, physio helped but not enough as something was blocking the joint movement. This morning the quack went in to remove a couple of the big screws and hoover out any gunk in the joint.

    Considerable amounts of gunk in the joint

    Cleaned that lot out and could actually see the two bone endges

    Once the loose red gooey stuff was gone there was still lots of white bone bits in the way

    After cleaning, dremelling off the roung edges and hoovering out the crud I now have an ankle joint with two distinct edges

    Unfortunately this is another two weeks of partial weight bearing on a pair of crutches. 🙁


    Exakerly what I thought as I opened this thread.

    I haven’t stopped hurling from the last updated photos me.. 😆

    It however great news you are on the mend..

    Two weeks off the bike…. 🙁

    Good working ankle soonish 🙂

    Pain relief / lunch needed this week sir?

    Premier Icon white101

    I don’t know how you have managed to stay sane (awaits conflicting posts) I’m 16 weeks into my ankle break and I am just about round the bend. At least I’m walking now, I guess the extra time on the crutches is for the best so keep at it mate, best of luck.

    Ciderinsport – good call

    White – copious amounts of alcohol makes time pass

    Premier Icon white101

    I don’t have a downstairs loo, so for the first few weeks there was very little in the way of alcohol for fear of getting pee every pint syndrome and my co-ordination failing on the stairs due to impairment!

    I spent the first two month upstairs in the spare bedroom from which I could crawl/hop to the loo. First thinkgs I did were order a big TV that I could hook up the laptop/PS3 to. Also bought an iPad for when I couldn’t sit up.

    PS3 + Gran Turismo + 24hrs a day in bed got me all licences at silver or above (about 80% gold) plus all levels opened.

    Never want to see the game again 😉


    Is pic 4 uranus?

    Premier Icon ampthill

    WOW its amazing what they can do

    I’m still not right after pulling some ankle ligaments at Easter

    But small beer in this company.

    Get well soon

    roper – Is pic 4 uranus? I am not sure whether to be worried that you think you recognise my anus or reassured that your cannot recognise my anus.

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