Ways of combating low level muscular back ache?

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  • Ways of combating low level muscular back ache?
  • funkybaj

    I suffer the same, sat in front of a screen working for the last decade hasn’t helped at all.

    Doc’ advised pilates and other core strength exercises, when I find time to do them I find it helps a great deal … finding time and being bothered is my problem mind, damn it.

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    Buy a kettlebell, swing* it a few times a week, job done…

    I’ve gone from achy/weak back to being able to lift my 8 year old into the top bunk with ease in a matter of a few weeks.

    *(watch a video on how to do it properly)

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    My physio suggested workign on my stomach muscles as my pelvis tilts forward a bit and he felt that correcting that would help my back muscles.


    If you fancy trying pilates there is a session at Victoria Hall on Mondays.

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    Lots of stretches, lots of back excercises, learning to control all of your core muscles eg when lifting things. yoga/pilates probably do work, in fact road.cc had a series on it a while back.

    cycling is a killer for backs as you support your body weight on you hands/arms, so your back doesn’t get as much use. Easy to let it go to pot and when it goes, its hard to get back to full health (I’m still receiving physio for pulling a muscle at Christmas)

    Possibly hip flexors, they get shortened by spending 8 hours a day infront of a desk, and there aren’t really stretched.

    If they’re too short you get an anterior rotated pelvis which exagerates the curve of your lower back giving pain.

    Solution is to stretch the hip flexors and lower back, and strengthen the hamstrings and abdominal muscle.

    Personaly I believe that the modern trend towards super steep seatpost doesn’t help as if takes the load off the hamstrings, so they weaken and make the problem worse, my back never used to ache on normal geometried bikes.


    another aspect is often folk push too big a gear for the terrain from the back.


    I’m thinking about some core strength stuff, anyone got any programmes?

    Perhaps oddly, I’m now almost pain free due to doing quite heavy weights. Snatch, squat, deadlifts have simply changed my life. I used to have to hang from a tree mid-ride to ease it up but now I can crack on.
    With the correct approach (and mine is not necessarily for everyone), you can remedy it so there’s hope!


    My physio gave me some exercises to work on my stomach muscles, and it helps a lot. Not cured, but it delays the time before it start hurting, from 30 min to a few hours now . And i also have to go one size up with my riding shorts.


    Core strength definitely helps. A weights programme is good, but you need good guidance to avoid aggravating it. Hip mobility excercies (check youtube for examples) + swimming (front crawl)is also good if you can get to a pool

    It might be worth stopping to run for a short time, to see if that’s contributing. (old trainers, lack of mobility certainly can cause this trhough running). If the pain is especially noticeable in the morning it could be disc related (though it may well feel muscular).

    I would also keep hydrated during the day, and avoid excessive alcohol before sleep.


    If you fancy trying pilates there is a session at Victoria Hall on Mondays.

    Do you go Pennine?


    Is it just old age, so MTFU?
    Been like it for a while, not sure if it’s the mattress, lack of core strength, too much time on the internet, age, all of the above.

    Following a winter of apathy, I’ve got back on the bike the last few weeks and started jogging. Back muscles are really aching, where as in the past it would have been just the leg muscles smarting.

    I’m thinking about some core strength stuff, anyone got any programmes?
    or other advice?


    What kind of job do you do ? ie sat down most of the day?

    I have a desk job, but also for the last 3 years commuted 3hrs a day by car, so could end up sat down for 12 + hours a day. Started getting back ache.

    The physio service at work said that sitting is incredibly bad for humans, and we should try and move around every hour. They also gave me very simple but effective back stretches to do.

    Now if I get the remotest back ache I do the stretches and it goes. Of course it now helps that I don’t commute 3 hrs a day and work less hours. I make sure I get up and walk around at work too.

    + stress can cause back ache too.


    Regular stretching and regular workout of intensive core exercises. I’ve had a lay off my core ‘Abs Blast’ class over the past few weeks and my back is starting to stiffen up already. Getting back into them next week with a vengeance.


    Pilates is good for core strength. Helped improve my back ache while riding.


    try yoga.

    it is not all girlie / old hags in leotards..

    this guy does som decent home use DVD etc



    Buy one of these and do this:

    Edit: That IS me, by the way 8)


    Deadlifts for me, but any core exercise is likely to be beneficial.

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    I get it more from not riding than after biking but it is bad when it flares up, and then keeps me off the bike. FS better than HT for me.
    My physio in Baldon gave me pelvic floor exercises after last episode ( no, I haven’t ever given birth) . She runs a Pilates class in Baildon too.
    On another STW thread I got a massage stick which can help a bit by rolling the lower back muscles.

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