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  • Waterproofish trousers……
  • Premier Icon ton

    for commuting.
    looking for some waterproof or near as.
    or some softshell ones maybe, any idea’s anyone?

    Premier Icon chainslapp

    Endura Venturi event trousers are good IMO. Used mine the other day on the MTB for a road ride and they kept me dry, plus they seem to breath very well. Ive also got some Endura Singletracks as well which are supposed to be shower proof, but are very comfortable.


    Aldi win here for me!

    Softshell on the front, breathable lycra type stuff on the back – Nice and toasty down to about -5 and not too hot that you cant use them up to about 10 degrees.

    and they cost about £12 😀


    Ive just purchased some Jack Wolfskin trousers – ive not used them yet so cant report on them. Ive heard Altura trousers aren’t waterproof and never tried Endura. However these appear to be a bit of a bargain


    I recently got some Paramo windproof shell trousers but have not yet tried them. I’ll report when i do.

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    The Paramo windproof shell trousers are not remotely waterproof (but great on dry, windy mountains).

    Premier Icon ton

    think i am gonna go with softshell, need a bit of warmth too.

    If you want waterproof Paramos the Velez Adventure trousers are the ones to go far. But I suspect that in some areas (particularly gritsone/sandstone areas) that they would wear through in no time. I have both the pants and the jacket which are great for walking, but I only wear the jacket when I’m on the bike; I wear Endura eVent tights and my Sombrio baggies over the top in winter. The pants would probably be good (if expensive) for commuting.

    Warmth is more important than staying dry – being warm and damp (vicar) is uncomfortable; being cold and wet can be lethal.

    I rode a couple of days of DH in my old snowboard trousers, pretty waterproof, pretty breathable, quite warm, reasonably durable. There’ll be plenty of cheap black snowboard and ski trousers about…

    Premier Icon Esme

    sorry, but i can’t help reading: Water Proof Fish Trousers.

    Which, i guess, if you are a fish, is probably useful tbh?

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