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  • ktmblag

    What’s the thought on waterproof trousers for off roading..went out on Saturday did 45 mile off road 90% some of the wettest I’ve ever ridden was soaked in the first hour..Any advice, recommendations


    Army surplus ebay jobs can be had for £15-20. Main negative is a baggy ankle

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Trousers off road riding = sweaty and most are flappy to catch on chainrings etc.
    I find that 3/4 waterproof shorts and a set of winter tights with softshell shin area (Scott) are a great option. My calves/shin and feet get wet (bu then nothing keeps me dry here in winter), but do dry really quickly and are warm.


    The army ones are waay too baggy on the legs IMO. Cut them down to shorts but then you’ve got a gaping flies to contend with letting in rain.

    I borrowed some Endura superLite shorts recently and they were brilliant.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    No place for long kecks on the mountain bike IMHO – v uncomfortable. Bib shorts / legwarmers with a waterproof short over top for when it’s filthy.
    Bare legs with a waterproof short is OK as well, if it’s not very cold.

    Premier Icon somouk

    I wear Endura Singletrack trousers which do an excellent job of keeping me warm and dry. They do come up small so make sure you go for a bigger size!


    I wear my Gore Fusion MTB trousers loads beacause they are great. They are not particularly sweaty, work great with a softshell top/gilet and do not get caught in my chain. I also wear my Endura singletrack trousers alot because they are great aswell.

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