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  • wombat

    Had a fantastic (but very wet) ride over the North Yorkshire Moors last night which made me realise that I really need some waterproof SPG shoes/boots.

    I have a pair of Shimano MT51s at the mo which are great but not at all waterproof and they're too good a fit to wear goretex socks with.

    I need a pair with quite a wide fit.

    Any recommendations?


    they are all tend to leak where the show meets your ankle and rain runs down your leg and into the shoe even with neoprene collars etc.
    Personally I would get some other shoes that you can fit your socks inside


    Lake MX140 eVent boots


    mw80's nuff said. only problem is longevity, after a winter of HARD use they are fecked.


    Spesh Defrosters, keep you dry and as comfy as my favourite slippers

    MW80's are great shoes. The later model which I have is the Shimano MW02 another awesome GoreTex lined shoe that is snug, warm, comfy and dry in the harsh wet winter. Plus at the moment get them for an amazing £45 on CRC. Bargain of the century, saving you over £50…

    I love these shoes in the winter.


    Defintitely NOT cool, but overshoes are **** IT.

    I love Endura's overshoes, though I keep pulling the zips off/holying them by falling off…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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