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  • Waterproof / rugged camera recommendations.
  • Premier Icon geoffj

    I’m downsizing the camera collection. I use my phone for 90% of all photos and videos, but I’d like a waterproof camera for underwater stills and video. The Panasonic lumix with the GPS looks very good, as does the olympus tg820 (no GPS though).
    Any others to consider?


    Iv got one of the early panasonic lumix ft1’s. Been a grest wee camera and does 720p video to boot. Never be as good as the dslr but wins hands down for ruggedness and compactness. Think there must be a couple of models since i got it so bound to be improvements in them. Couple of films i posted on here/vimeo were filmed on it.

    Probably not really that helpful a post but when i replace mine i’d be looking to see what was on offer in the newer version as pleased with what i have at the moment.

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    I’ve got the Panasonic- replaced an older Olympus SW and its more suited to use in the water, with gloves on etc.

    Premier Icon sweaman2

    Not the Olympus. I had a tough – well actually 3 because it kept on getting replaced under warranty when it wasn’t all that tough. However it’s main fault was been completely unusable; slow to start up; huge (like seconds) shutter delay. Trying to fire the flash in anything except perfect sunlight.

    Friend has the Lumix and looks good.

    edit: Mine was a TG-8xxx so not the same apparently (I lost faith in Olympus so haven’t kept track)

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    I recently spent ages researching the same thing and ended up getting an Olympus TG1 and I would thoroughly recommend it. If you search my profile you can see what I’ve said about it before, but it’s very, very good!

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Olympus TG-1 – end of thread. £300 though, but for a reason, it’s a bridge camera rather than a compact.

    I’d agree that the Olympus TG-6xx or 8xx aren’t that great as cameras. Usable, but not brilliant. The TG-1 is the only properly decent tough camera, afaik. Very different to the other TGs.

    Olympus TG-1 – end of thread.


    Oh, hold on! End of thread? Oops! 🙂

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Mmmm – the TG-1 doesn’t get that great a review here


    I might need to have a fondle of one to help decide.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Lumix FT4 here – we have a variety of different brand ‘outdoor cameras’ at work and these ones seem to last better and take best pics


    I went the tg-820 route, liked the screen res and lens cover which the equivalent Panasonic and Nikon didn’t offer at the time and th Sony model was never in stock. Picture quality is fine tho not on par with a similarly priced non-tough camera. Only negative from me is the video as the autofocus can struggle at times. 7/10 IMO.


    I have had the Panasonic FT4 since it first came out, great camera fits nicely in my pocket when riding

    Takes great shots and video clips, kids love using it in the swimming pool

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Well, I just picked up an Oly TG 820 for £150 from the airport Dixons.
    Gotta be worth a punt at that price 🙂

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