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  • egb81

    I need a new waterproof for winter duties. Mostly going to be used for commuting as I get far too hot on longer rides. Don’t (can’t) want to spend a huge amount so <£75 if possible. For that I don’t expect bells and whistles and the fastest wicking fabric on the planet, just something to keep me relatively dry in a downpour. Topping the list so far is DhB Cosmo, mostly due to the slimmer fit (I’m a skinny runt). Any real life experiences with that or others I should be looking into?


    its not cycling specific but this one looks like a good deal


    Pitzip, pitzip, pitzips, just keep repeating that.. forget fancy fabric and get what ever cheapest with huge pitzips.
    Decathlon’s kit usually well made, cheap and has pitzips – well worth a look.
    Been recently impressed by the fact that loads of the new Endura kit have pitzips, which most manufacturer sacrifice for ‘fancier’ fabric’s.
    Did notice that the Altura Nevis II has pitzips, when last in a shop, is that cheap/waterproof enough?


    been using the Altura Mayhem for two Glorious scottish years,Wet Wet Wet and its been braw…..would buy another in a heartbeat,plus its got pit zips :p


    I’ve recently bought the Cosmo. It’s pretty decent. Packs up nice and small. Looks good material. And it’s a good fit. I’m usual between small and medium, but the medium is perfect, with just enough room to pack my jersey pockets full underneath.

    It’s not 100% waterproof. In heavy rain I start getting a bit damp across the front. But I’ve done a pretty grim 10 hour ride in it, where half of that was pissing down, and that’s as bad as it got. Never soaked through properly.

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    Keela Saxon


    I tried the Altura Nevis II on for size a few months back. Seems perfect for commuting and the fabric was much nicer than my old DhB boil-in-a-bag commuter. Cyclestore always have them in for £50ish as well.


    just got the Altura Nevis II yesterday, seemed to do the job last night on a 2.5 hour ride in the rain. wiggle are doing it for £41

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    Gore Bike Wear is pricey but i don’t think it can e rivalled for quality and wear rate, it’s spot on.
    Got an Oxygen and it’s bloody brilliant, well worth the extra investment.


    I recently bought a maddison stellar jacket as it was such a good offer. I don’t normally go for a jacket like this but it was cheap, had pit vents (a must) a back vent, hi viz, scotch bright, storm flap and light mount.

    I emailed maddison and they confirmed it’s at least 10000 hh and 10000 breathable 2.5 layer construction.

    It’s been a very good jacket, better than my gore as it’s so breathable due to the vents.


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    I’ve recently bought the Cosmo. It’s pretty decent

    +1 I’ve used mine on a couple of grim rides, and it’s as good as anything else I’ve used, and packs down small enough to live in the bottom of my pack.

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    Mayhem is ace for me.

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